SmalleeWrites at 4

Hello readers,

Hold it! Stop everything you’re doing right now! Why? Well, because SmalleeWrites is four years old today.

Wow! This is almost surreal. It feels like ages and no time at all, at the same time. It feels like I’ve been doing this for as long as I have been living, and something I just started, at the same time.

I can be a perfectionist when it comes to work, and I think it’s a good thing and a bad thing because on one hand, I am always willing to improve and offer things that would interest my audience, I also overthink every post and if I hadn’t done that, I’d have been able to post a few times in the past month.

I have ridden the pendulum from consistent to not posting at all, and back again, as I have struggled to find a manageable pace. It didn’t help that my old site was hacked and when I backed it up to switch to another hosting company, I lost all my media and drafts.

This really hit me hard and made writing seem really exhausting for me, but when I realized a week ago that it would be four years today since I started, I felt better. I’m more confident now that there’s absolutely nothing I can’t recreate, even if it’s not exact, and I WILL be writing and posting more.

Since my early blogging days, I think my content has blossomed alongside me… I’d like to think that my style of writing and curated digital presence has developed too, which you can see if you scroll through the archives of this blog and the old SmalleeWrites to read through some of my old entries… I haven’t deleted anything because everything I have ever written has led me to where I am today. I checked and apparently this is my 139th post.

Although blogging has never really been about the numbers for me, (and as cliche as it may sound, it’s true) I am excited that this blog has experienced growth and incredible engagement in recent times. It makes me happy that people enjoy my content and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am really over the moon about this milestone so… Whether you’ve recently discovered this blog or you have been following for a while, your support truly means a lot. Thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing and sharing my content. Seeing all the engagements is one of the many rewarding aspects of blogging for me and I am grateful for the community I have built over these four memorable years.

SmalleeWrites has gone from a site where I post my random musings, poems and facts about myself, to an arts, relationships and lifestyle blog. Seeing as it’s been a hobby for me, the growth has been really impactful and it reminds me of this quote:

You do not wake up and become the butterfly-growth is a process

Rupi Kaur 

I can only hope that what started as a sprinkle of occasional blog posts will develop into regular weekly posts.

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