This is another collaboration I worked on a while ago but I never got around to posting it; this time it’s with Jamie of Jamie’s Blog. This boy is goooood and I hope you enjoy it.
​It is morning again
And my lover is gone
My joy turn to dismay
My love rejects the sun
She stays in the dark
With all my other sins
She prefers when all my body is stark
And when I’m gone she loves me even
It is mourning again
The tears run freely now
No more will my lids refrain
From letting my soul pour aloud
My lover is why I breathe
But it’s morning again
And she decides to leave
To let me stock up on pain 
So I tighten the noose
And say my goodbyes to my room
She’s gone and my life is nothing of use
Better I float than remain in this gloom
I ready my neck for the weight of my frame
But a shadow appears before it’s dusk
And it loudly exclaims my name
And stays my feet from their rush
It’s evening and my lover is here
To be the right blend of joy and sweet pain
It’s dark but I no longer have fear
Because my lover is here again

SmalleeWrites✍️ :
It is morning again
And I am apart from my lover. 
I feel his smile rest upon my face
And I try to fly; 
But I fall without my wings every time
When his face flashes in my head.
It’s mourning again. 
I’m bleeding from my eyes
And my heart starts to cry. 
It was not my decision to leave, 
Memories of what we did in the dark
Stains my mind 
Like crimson footsteps across angelic snow.
His scent never leaves;
Even in this dark heart of mine, 
His halo will kindle more than a tiny spark.
My heart had a piece left to break,
And tears flowed to show the ache.
It’s almost dusk now
And my pain is slowly fading away
Because I can see my lover
Straining his neck to see in the dark
And I loudly exclaim his name,
Rushing eagerly into his open arms.
It’s evening and my lover is here
To be the right blend of joy and sweet pain. 
It’s dark but I no longer have fear
Because my lover is here again..

Hey guys, 
Day 6! There’s not much to tell today except the fact that I feel like I’m becoming too needy and clingy. But my friends keep on asking me to tell them if I need anything. How do I do that without silently berating myself? I’m not their responsibility and I don’t want them to feel obligated to help me.
Apart from that, I’m getting much better. Music is beginning to appeal to me again. I might even share some of my recent favorites with you guys in my next post. 
Thank you once again for putting up with my unnecessary captions. Enjoy. 

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