The Types of Guys That Don’t Belong In The Friendzone

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I don’t think the topic needs much introduction but just in case, here’s a definition according to the Urban Dictionary:


A particularly aggravating metaphorical place, that people end up in when someone they are interested in only wants to be friends. It is impossible to get over someone while in the friendzone, because, as friends, you still see them too often for them to be erased from your memory, and yet, you cannot be with them the way you want.

Person 1:Hypothetically, how would you react if I told you I like you?

Person 2: I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you, but I want tojust be friends.

Person 1 is now in the friendzone.

There are a lot of guys that have been exiled to the forbidden land of the friendzone, sent there by lot of you that claim that there no good guys left. Understand that when I say friendzone I don’t mean friendship. Think of it this way: friendship is a marathon going places while friendzone equals a hamster wheel. How long till you give up?

So the first time of guy you probably want to take out of that friendzone is The Lame. Not actually lame but the one Society call lame. You know, the one that cannot really dress up, the one that can go on for hours talking about something you don’t care about, or if someone was to joke on him he won’t have a comeback – at least not a funny one anyway. That guy.

What I’ve found is that what a lot of these lames lack in swagger, they make up for it in character. As a matter of fact, think back to secondary school. These were the boys with curfews that dared not take home a C, they were the ones that wore their pants are up on their waists because if their mums caught them sagging she would whoop their asses.

Typically you see these kind of guys living very productive lives because they had a respectful authority and they found some confidence and maybe a woman that saw the potential. So if you’ve got a late bloomer, don’t throw him away. Fertilize him. He might find the stuff that other guys found annoying about you attractive and you can be lame together.

The second guy you need to take out of the friendzone is Mr Regular. He wears regular clothes, he has a regular car that he drives to his regular job where he make… yes you guessed it, regular money. This is an interesting one because regular guys do occasionally make it out of the Friendzone once the woman has nothing else going on and she just says fuck it. Why not. (Think about Penny and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory) But in most cases, he gets toyed with or he has to walk on eggshells around her because he’s not the one she wanted anyway but the one she wanted would not act right so she just did what she had to do to not be alone.

The thing about Mr Regular is he may not be a boss and he may not be a pretty boy but you can rest assured that you will have peace of mind every single night that he doesn’t take more selfies than you do so you don’t have to fight over the lighting of the room. Regular guys also seem to have a lot of masculine traits you know and love still intact.

And when I look around, I see regular guys having the most kids, so ladies his hairline might be receding but his member might be reaching. I’m just saying, Mr Regular might not have ever traveled out of the country but when he gets to that bedroom he will send you to Pluto and back, so you might want to give him a chance.

The third guy and probably the most discriminated of the three is The Short Guy. I mean, I kind of understand because for a while there, not many short guys were repping but the tides have changed, short guys are now winning. But even then they’re still not safe because I still see a lot of you ladies treating your short friends like sisters. And that isn’t right; they didn’t choose to be that way.

A lot of you call it shallow when guys choose based on physical qualities like a fat ass or a slim waist and you still turn around and call your short friend who you know wants you, your bestie. There are no implants or injections or workouts you can do to be taller so if a guy inherits his grandmother’s height, then that’s what he’s stuck with.

And I know what you’re thinking. I need somebody that can protect me. Chances are, your short friend is a grown man who can take care of his own. He might even be a great wrestler. Hell, he’s closer to the ground, so the odds are in his favor. And we all know that personality can make a huge difference in how attractive a person is, so give him the chance to show you that side of him.

I think once you’re in the friend zone, I’m not sure how you get out. Well, actually, I do know how you get out. You act like the friend back. That’s how you get out.

Emma Roberts

Ladies, it’s a new month. Don’t go around commenting “God When” on every couple’s post you see on social media when you’ve imprisoned Mr. Right in the Friendzone. Take him out of there now! And fellas, if you’re currently doing time in the Friendzone, don’t despair. There’s hope for you.

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    1. ThisRuqayya says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you do ❤

  1. Paul Ugochukwu says:

    “..send you to Pluto and back”.. Right there!

    1. ThisRuqayya says:

      I know right!

      Thank you for visiting my blog ❤

  2. Joshman says:

    I think am that irregular regular guy with an on/off switch… nice one ma’am your write up dey get juice walahi

  3. Lani says:

    I died at calling short guys your sisters😂😂😂 but good one Smallee!!!

  4. Paul says:

    Well I guess there’s a bit of hope for the short guy after all 😂
    Always good to come back and read here👌

  5. PeteOlutobi says:

    Niwo !!!😂😂😂
    O ma je egba !
    Short guys are close to the ground abi ?? 😂😂😂

    I loved reading this and it was very insightful, and as always, your posts are relevant.

    You see the littlest things that go overlooked and try to address ‘em.

    And who doesn’t like a girl who’s reference is “big bang theory” 😂

    This was a good read 🙂👌👌


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