forgot 2
A girl walks among us; her passion
Buried under layers of loathe and the
Cache-sexe that she wears to hide several
Daemons rearing their ugly heads.
Eyes glazed over with the darkness of her iniquity,
Falling into a million pieces in plain sight.
Ghosts of the past circled, like little
Horrors of her life pressing hard against her chest.
Ibogaine seeps slowly- reeks all over her, the specialists
Just injecting her, pumping her full of pain as she’s
Kicking and screaming all the way to hell.
Loneliness engulfs her,
Molding her unrelentingly into a frail shell.
Natheless, the tearing zippers and unintelligible grunts
Offer no permanent balm to her aching chaos.
Pure agony still floats around her guts,
Questions left unanswered still raise their brows,
Racetracks of emotions still crash inside her but
Shadows from the past no longer haunt her.
The little death she would die with that
Uxorious man that she hankered for to suck out the
Venom which has already sunken deep into her heart
Where she reaches into to wipe away the damage of the past.
Xenical glides around with all the other drugs
Yet she manages to feel
This poem is about that girl we forgot about, the one we forget about every day. The one that has become a call girl. The one that is battling addiction. The one that has no friends. The one that is being molested. The one that has been used and jilted too many times to count. That obese one that we mock.
I hope you feel what I felt when I wrote it.

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