Don’t mind the title of this post. To be honest it’s only the title of the song that I’ve been singing all day today. In class, in the cafeteria, on the queue at the ATM gallery, everywhere. Even while I was washing my clothes, I couldn’t get the song out of my head. The sad thing is I only know a few lines but I still wouldn’t stop singing.
So.. Clickbait, I guess.
Or not. Because I have a poem for you guys. *wink wink*
Picking through the ruins of our discarded things,
I reminisced on the events of the previous night.
Fully immersed in the Kamasutra zen,
A tornado of unleashed sensual waters carried us away
To lay us at the goddess’s feet
Bare, raw and pure.
You stroke my silky succulent skin
And my knees buckled beneath me.
The feeling of your tingly lips on my sweet spot
Brought tears to the core of my soul.
Enthralled by the feelings that you evoke in me,
The place between my thighs throbbed.
And my breathing grew labored.
You brushed my damp, feather-soft curls away
To stroke the folds of my sex,
To test my readiness,
And you found that I was slick for you.
When you finally touched that tiny little nub.
When you wouldn’t stop rubbing my pearl in fast circles,
I released a shuddering cry
And I came off the rug
Releasing a cry as sweet as a songbird
Which you silenced with the hot seal of your mouth.
Slipping further between my legs,
Your fingers probed, pushing deep inside me
And again I came out of my skin,
Sobbing as your hand plundered me.
Then the hand disappeared,
Ripping an anguished whimper from my throat
Only to lift me, back against the wall
And joining us in one swift movement of your hips.
I clawed and groped futilely for the balance that the wall could give
And more
Which just hung there, elusive,
Almost beyond my reach.
Impaling yourself in my womb,
You filled the air with our mingling cries
And ripples of white-hot pleasure washed over me
As you drove me over the edge.
Right into the goddess’s laps I went
As though that was the tornado’s plan all along.
Bye now. 
Ecris-moi bientot,
Tres amicalement,
Oh yeah.. I wanted you guys to be the first set of people to know that I’m currently working on an anthology. D’you think this poem should be featured or not? Which other poems would you also like to see in the anthology? Lemme know in the comments section. 

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  1. Lavender says:

    Some urge stimulator…. we both need jesus!!!
    Interesting read i must say


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