The only seed that has ever
Germinated by my hands
Has since been crushed to the earth
And now my heart longs for more.
I reminisce on the fire that burnt within us,
Burning bright,
Red then blue
As we melt into each other.
Your scent engulfs me-
The smell of man and spice
And I’m blinded by
Memories of our flesh bathed in soothing light…
Irresistible touches and wet kisses
Making me shiver
As your sweet breath teased my naked skin and
My starry heart jumped to its beat.
Our love was heaven sent
And we got lost in the sensation
Of our passionate recreation
Before you plunged us to hell.
You smothered me in love and passion
As it rained between my thighs
And I was overwhelmed
When you peeked between the curtains.
I clearly remember that
When you gobbled me whole
And brought me to a scintillating climax,
I ached from too much pleasure.
I remember tracing your rock hard abs
As you lifted me to straddle you
And you mounting roughly from the back
As you trapped me in orgasmic bliss yet again.
I could tell that you were affected by
The contortions of my orgasms
That were etched on my innocent face
By the way you jumped inside me each time.
At the end of every night,
I was rendered limbless from multiple explosions
And your back was decorated
With souvenirs left by my fingers lodged deep.
Sadly, I found my balance
And the nightmare resumed
You robbed me of air and comfort
And used me as a bag to quench your rage’s thirst.
As long as you had me to yourself,
You were prepared to watch me shatter.
I can’t help thinking of how lucky I was
To have fled before permanent damage was done. 
I like to tell a story… And I sincerely hope that bomb sex isn’t all that you guys can get from this poem. The poet persona had it rough.. I mean, the sex was good, the love was evident. But jealousy and frequent verbal and physical abuse killed the relationship. She was loyal ’cause she loved him but she realized that the abuse wasn’t worth the sex and love. She chose sanity over the suffocating love that her partner has for her. Here’s to all the girls out there that are in an abusive  relationship… It’s not easy, I know. But it’s not worth it either. If he hits you, don’t make him promise not to do it again because more often than not, he’ll not fulfill that promise. If there’s something he does or says that genuinely gets to you and you warn him several times not to say it again but he doesn’t stop, that’s emotional abuse. He could blame his “outburst” on anger; he could even blame it on you for being frustrating. I just want you to know that love isn’t suffocating or abusive. True love will never call you a bitch or a ho. True love will walk away before he says something he’ll regret and he’ll only come back when he has calmed down. True love will never even so much as slap you. So please, don’t hold on too tight to something or someone that will ruin you emotionally. You deserve better. I love you! 
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8 Replies to “Poem: PLEASURE… OR PAIN?”

  1. slimshendy says:

    “Pleasure and pain”, I liked the flow and the graphical content displayed to the audience yet i’d say the pleasure seemed to be overly blinding. Enough to ignore the pain, I don’t think we felt as much pain as would have elevated our reasoning to pity and remorse for the subject. But overall, nice piece. INK.

    1. Ruqayya Smallee★ says:

      Thank you very much INK. I think that’s the effect I wanted it to have. The pleasure was overwhelming; enough to ignore the pain.. But one has to take care of herself to avoid being buried deep by emotional attachments.


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