Poem: My First Kiss

Immediately our lips met,
Every muscle in my body seemed to sigh
“At last,” they said
I sunk into the feeling, letting it take me
The delight of it all went through me
Echoing in every vein and nerve
He dragged his mouth over mine
In intimate trails
Kissing and tasting
Tugging and playing
The sensation was so pleasurable
That I couldn’t move
I ached for more
One kiss started before another had finished
A chain of erotic strokes and skims and nudges
We struggled to press closer,
Our bodies pursuing a new and unsteady rhythm
Had we not been separated by so many layers of clothing,
It would have been outright lovemaking
My kiss was horrible. Of course it was. Given that it was stolen by a male  friend of mine that I had no feelings for whatsoever. But a girl is allowed to dream, imagine, y’know… And because I’m a hopeless romantic, this is how I like to think of my first kiss.

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