They have driven me to a bridge,
These demons
And they waited patiently
Till the time was right.
The pain in my chest rips at my gut
My life is swallowed by unending darkness
A blade slices through my soul
And I can’t see beyond the despair.
The pain has consumed
What little petals of my happiness have bloomed
I’m constantly walking in a fog
And death seems like the only way out.
I have fallen from grace
I feel like nothing but a barren waste
Loathe has left fingerprints on my thoughts
My words rot and fall away.
I’m slowly sinking but fighting
Gasping for air to be let into my soul
Yet wishing the end was near
As I hide under the covers of my smile.
I stand on this bridge tonight
About to surrender in this fight
But I stop and think
That I’ll fight these demons one more night.

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3 Replies to “Poem: HOLDING ON”

  1. spudbudette says:

    Fighting them with you, rest in hope … it comes … sometimes it takes longer than at other times, but it will come. Blessings sweet lady.


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