Poem: Bittersweet

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I think you should know by now how much I like doing collaborations with other poets. There’s just something about two people coming together to create a world completely out of the ordinary just by putting words together and weaving them around each other’s imagination, that speaks to me and I can never get enough.
This one is a collaboration with Jamie of Jamie’s Blog (Please check out his blog. He’s awesome) and I hope you enjoy it.
Jamie’s Blog:
Time will tell
A host of stories
A tale or two of worries
Some I assure are very true as well
Time will tell
Tales lost and found
Of people spinning round and round
All of them doing their best to avoid hell
Jamie’s Blog:
I have heard
A few times, never believed
No one has their stories outlived
Only told when they’re dead.
I have heard
Of a few men fallen prematurely
No one knew or even cared to, really
Until they were already long dead.
Jamie’s Blog:
Who then told these stories
Could it be the living, do you know?
Could they be so bold
As to relay the message from Hades?
Who then told these stories?
It couldn’t be the already fallen
Because they don’t have the power
To break as much as the living does.
Jamie’s Blog:
These stories only sadden
But In my heart of hearts I know
That where ever I go, be it to or fro
I’d be telling it to like it really happened
These stories only sadden
But deep down it strengthens
With the knowledge that
Nobody can tell them better than the living.
Jamie’s Blog:
Ignorance is bliss
I’m sure that’s what they say
While we find safety from the stories in times of disarray
The living will almost never find peace
The truth is bitter
I’m sure we’ve all had a taste
But we find comfort in the knowledge that
Just like with bitter leaf,
The after taste is somewhat sweet.

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