How To: Tell if A Man is Into You (Through Texts)

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Men are said to be less verbal, but this isn’t necessarily true or accurate because perhaps they’re saying a lot but the message is lost in translation and you’re missing the signals.

Check out these texts and compare them. Tell me what you notice.

Daytime Texts

Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong for a guy to want to see you face to face. No, it’s normal. But if a guy can converse with you without needing the immediate opportunity for it to turn into something physical, he fucks (pardon my French) with you.


Late Night Texts

Now, let’s be clear. Good guys are going to want to have sex at some point just like everybody else, and that’s cool, but when a guy hits you up late at night (Thot hours) and he’s not horny but rather in his feelings, you’ve got him wide open baby!


When he’s checking up on you 

I know many of you may think it’s nothing, but it’s major. When a guy likes you, he will check in on specific things that you told him you had to do, not just “how was your day” and “wyd”

“How was your day” and “wyd” texts are easy, but they don’t require the guy listening to anything you say, and a lot of guys just get it out of the way so they can ask what they really want to know which is “When are you dropping off that pussy (pardon my French)”


After spending time with him 

You can tell anybody to call you when they get home out of courtesy, but if a man keeps himself available to ensure that you’re safe while you’re on the road, that’s major. You know why? We only keep the things we care about safe. They keep their shoes safe by not letting anybody step on them, and their hairline by only going to one trusted barber. So if he texts something along these lines, he cares.


Honorary mentions

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this:

You don’t have to read between the lines to figure out if a guy really likes you. What you read on the lines will tell you everything you need to know, as long as your infatuation doesn’t make you illiterate.

In all honestly, when a guy likes you it’s hard for you not to know. And if you’re left confused or having to “decode” his texts, then he just isn’t into you.

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