Guarded But Worth The Wait


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You meet a girl, she’s beautiful inside and out. You take her out on dates, talk every day, you’re doing everything right and you’re consistent at it, but you feel like she’s holding out on you. There’s nothing to worry about; she’s only guarded.

Guarded women are slow to let you in due to what they have been through physically and mentally, and yes it might be a little hard for you as a man but it is worth it.

A guarded woman is taking her time, and there’s nothing wrong with a man or woman that’s moving fast as long as they’re being ethical about it, but if you move too fast especially on the dating scene, you’re going to miss something.

As a woman on the dating scene, moving too fast is dangerous because every guy appears as a blessing and she might miss out on the actual good men. So for a woman that shows mutual interest but is a little slow to let you in, she is less likely to look over you for the bad boys as you all assume women do.

Guarded women are a 100 percent worth it because they will give their all if/when you get into a relationship with them; if you earn it. That’s why they require more investment on your end because they know they won’t disappoint. And that’s the thing about women that give their all to the wrong people: they see what they are capable of and realize that they’re not for everybody so the next man has to come correct.

If you’re a genuinely good guy, then you’ve probably been through some shit and there’s nothing like being with a woman who’s been through the same things, and knows that there are some things you just don’t do to people. She learned the lesson the hard way and now that she knows better, she’s going to do better. And by doing better, I mean due diligence in evaluating the men that want to be in her life.

So yes, it’s going to take some time but think about it. If you want to get hired on the spot really fast, you can get that as a cashier somewhere but if you want a well paying 9-5 job, you better be prepared for a thorough interview process.

Also, women that aren’t heavy on the scene are those that are less likely to have you competing with what’s on the scene when you’re getting to know each other. A woman that has just been keeping to herself and taking care of herself is more likely to hold you to the standard of who you were in the beginning rather than holding you to the standards of all the guys she dropped to be in a relationship with you.

It’s just like you guys. When you’re running the streets with different women and you still have a taste of that in your mouth before you get into a relationship, as soon as something goes wrong, you start reminiscing about the “good old days”.

For a guarded woman that’s dating here and there but not really heavy on the scene, she’s going to have a lot less emotional clutter from all these guys that she likes enough to entertain but not enough to go forward with.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, if she doesn’t have anybody, she should be open for me,” NO. I mean, yes, her slate might be clean but she also knows that a lot of people want to rush into bullshit these days so she will take her time.

In the words of Johnny Depp:

I think when you’re young, you’re hoping that this person will be the right one, the one you’re going to be in love with forever, but sometimes you want that so much you create something that really isn’t there.


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  1. Lobitz says:

    Plenty lessons and tips here. Thank you for the inspiration 🙏


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