It's two Two for us and the magic we can Make happen Just the both of us
(General note to the educated fuckboys out there: I'm lonely, yes, and I may fall easily, but
Behind that smile you see could be a dying person. Be cautious. Be good to people. […]
I can feel you are soaking And wanting a ride Your muscles invoking I am needed inside
Where there is peace abundant but mystery aloof. I have stumbled upon you. Eyes that say to me. Come. Stay. Love.
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Tonight I peel off layers of secrets buried deep And the hurt overflows from the lesions As I rub salt on them.
Stand up. Speak up. Give voice to the voiceless.
Life is the worst improv actress Starring in impulsive scenes Stumbling through her weak lines And nobody can catch the graceless words As they fall from her mouth.
This is for you, babe. I miss you.