Where there is peace abundant but mystery aloof. I have stumbled upon you. Eyes that say to me. Come. Stay. Love.
Life is the worst improv actress Starring in impulsive scenes Stumbling through her weak lines And nobody can catch the graceless words As they fall from her mouth.
I remember when I was a child being fascinated by the leaves. They were always changing: […]
This is for you, babe. I miss you.
My cousin used to have a gigantic cock. No, really. He had a...
A tornado of unleashed sensual waters carried us away To lay us at the goddess’s feet  Bare, raw and pure.
A man never knows how to say goodbye and a woman never knows when to say goodbye.
You’re a flashlight in the dark; you’re not to be overlooked. You’re the most important person in your life. So act like it!
According to the psychology of Chassidus, there’s no such thing as damaged goods. But how true […]