“It won’t fit,” Doyin moaned against his lips. “Yes, it will. You can take it, baby. Just relax and let daddy take care of you.”
By being accountable, seeing criticism as a way to improve, reminding yourself what the other person means to you, reflecting on your values and finding ways to express yourself clearly, respectfully and timely, you can prevent pride from destroying your bond with your partner.
If I could invent a product, it would be a truth serum against Yoruba men. Once you have it on, they can't lie to you. Just kidding, or maybe not.
Don’t believe his words or actions. Believe his character. That’s what determines whether he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.
Every line in this poem Might not flow and rhyme, But I hope it makes Sense to you over time.
A year ago, I had spreadsheets full of goal, and I would have beat myself up had I not achieved those goals
Stop sneaking bites of the poisonous apple for there will be no Prince to bring you back to life with a kiss
I’m sorry that you had to listen to us sing Knowing that the lyrics weren’t meant for you
Every entrepreneur has an almost-failed story and this is the beginning of mine.
Life is like foreplay. Don't rush it. Enjoy it.