Every line in this poem Might not flow and rhyme, But I hope it makes Sense to you over time.
A beautiful thing happens when we leave men to cry without judgment.
I’m sorry that you had to listen to us sing Knowing that the lyrics weren’t meant for you
Hello readers, Happy New Month! Your favorite small blogger is back again. It’s a new day, […]
Hi readers, I hope this post meets you in impeccable health. First of all, thank you […]
Hi readers, It’s your favorite small blogger, and I’m back from my self-imposed hiatus. Who missed […]
In an ideal first conversation with me, you will find out 10 things that I like: cats, junk food, flowers, bags, sex, love, music, movies, poetry and did I mention food?
It's two Two for us and the magic we can Make happen Just the both of us
(General note to the educated fuckboys out there: I'm lonely, yes, and I may fall easily, but
Life is the worst improv actress Starring in impulsive scenes Stumbling through her weak lines And nobody can catch the graceless words As they fall from her mouth.