BRUNCH – A Short Story

I have a confession to make. I’m a ‘20 something year old woman that’s fantasized about a secret, recently fulfilled desire – ‘The Mature Woman.’ The idea has always made me hot, even before I had experienced it – yet. I dropped off to sleep every night thinking about being held by an older woman. Fantasies, mere fantasies, I told myself. One day, however, I went out and I couldn’t have known that things were about to change…

I’m Tayo, and I love grocery shopping on Saturdays. I stood in the provisions aisle of Value Exchange checking out the milk when she walked up next to me. She was a vision of beauty, with long, faux locs in her skin-tight pair of jeans, a frilly laced blouse, and black flip flops. I looked at her well pronounced breasts and I absolutely loved them. I like women, but this one made my mouth water. I noticed a wedding ring on her finger, and somehow that just made me want her more.

She looked like she used to be the quiet, shy girl at school and if I didn’t suspect that she was married I probably would have thought that she had very little experience of taking dates further than a few kisses.

I want her. That was all that was going through my mind.

I stood there, searching the aisle for my favorite milk. I could smell her wonderful perfume. She moved closer to me, reaching for the same one as well.

She said, “I saw you checking them out. Are they worth buying? My husband is very picky, he’s hard to please.”

“Well, I’ve been drinking it for as long as I can remember. Here, take it,” I said, while looking into those beautiful eyes of hers.

“Are you sure? You seem to know your milk.”

I grin at her saying, “Two things I know, milk and women. Now, I can’t say I’m a professional when it comes to groceries, but I get by. You seem nice, take this one.”

“Well thank you. My name is Salewa. What did you mean by your comment that you know women?

“Just that. There is nothing like a sexy woman. And to be honest, you are the most beautiful one I’ve seen all day,” I told her.

She was quiet for a moment, and then she whispered, “I have never been with a woman. I imagine it would be very good. It seems to be in high demand these days” which made me laugh out loud.

She put the milk in her basket and we began to walk through the supermarket checking out and picking up different items. She asked me what I thought for each purchase and our conversation flowed easily. She told me she was 32, and had been married for ten years. She had no kids, never got out much, but lately had been longing for adventure. Her husband’s work kept him away, and they rarely went out anymore. She worked at home, selling homemade meals on the internet and baking cakes.

Then she asked me, “So, have you always been a lesbian? Tell me about yourself.”

“Yeah, I dated a few men in high school and Uni, but they never quite got me there.” Quickly changing the topic, I asked “Maybe after we are done shopping, we can go get something to eat, there is a really nice restaurant close by,” I said hoping to lure her in.

“Well, that does sound good. I don’t have any plans. Plus, we can talk without the interruptions of noisy shoppers and bratty kids.”

While standing in the checkout line, I told her my name, and that I was 22. I lived on the other side of town and I was just in the area to visit a friend for a few weeks. She smiled at me often, which turned me on even more. I wanted so badly to be between her legs, though I was careful not to scare her off by coming on too strong and being pushy.

After putting our groceries in the trunk of her car, we found ourselves in the restaurant. We both ordered a plate of rice and chicken. As she sat, I saw her ass beautiful ass again and it, make my mouth water even more. Her jeans were so tight, her panty line showed through the denim. It was truly a glorious sight.

“Tayo,” she said, “I know this is kind of personal but do you like licking pussy? My husband hates doing it. An old boyfriend used to do it and I kind of miss it.” She rushed through her words, as if she was scared to say them. “You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, it’s my favorite thing.” I replied, “I love pleasing someone I’m with. I have a wicked tongue and making a woman squirm and beg me to drive her insane turns me on. I get pleasure without touching myself, by just hearing her moans and tasting her juices.”

“Shit, you make it sound so sweet. Like I said, it’s been so long,” she told me with a shy grin on her face.

I asked, “I know you told me you have never been with a woman, but have you ever thought about it?”

“I have had fantasies. Sometimes I see someone, and wish they would eat me out. Or maybe even fulfill my ultimate fantasy.”

My ears perked up, I had to know, “Your ultimate fantasy?”

“Well, I have read books and I would love to be rimmed. I seem to really get turned on when I am alone and think about a man doing that. But right now, it wouldn’t matter to me if a woman wanted to, either,” she told me while looking absolutely sheepish.

I made a move and reached for her lap. I ran my finger along her inner thighs. I knew that I had her right where I wanted her.

“I can tell you are worked up. Would you like to fulfill this fantasy, Salewa?”

“You would do that for me? I only have about an hour. I have to get home soon, I have to work on a client’s order. But your offer is very tempting,” she said in a disappointed tone.

I knew I had to have her, but I wished we had more time.

Then I had a light bulb moment.

“Are you adventurous, Salewa? I know a quiet place not far from here. I would give you such pleasure, that you would be in another world for the rest of the day.”

She sheepishly smiled again, and said, “I don’t have the nerve to do another woman. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I get more pleasure giving than receiving. And time is wasting, I really want to give you that fantasy,” I said as I stared into her eyes.

“Okay.” Her voice carried a tone of finality, “the thought of it has gotten me so hot, and I need it. Lead the way, Tayo.”

We went to her car, and I directed her to a nearby street that I knew well. We soon got to an empty studio belonging to the friend I was staying with. I had been here before. Here, I had done previously with others that which I planned to do to Salewa. I squeezed my legs together, my kitty soaking as I anticipated the next few moments.

Soon we were out of the car and I wasn’t sure if she’d be offended if I kissed her in public so I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

She whispered how she couldn’t believe she was doing this.

“Thanks for allowing me the pleasure. We don’t have much time, are you ready?”

“Yes,” was all she said. Her excitement rang through her voice

Once we were in the building, I walked behind her, and put my arms around her, kissing her neck. My hands finally found those wonderful breasts, as my fingers teased her growing nipples. She was wearing a bra, but it had to be quite flimsy because her nubs were really pronounced as my fingers teased them to extreme hardness.

Then I reached down, and began working her blouse up her body, while she raised her arms. Her moans were pleasant to my ears as I lifted it over her head and off her body.

We were standing in front of the recording booth, as I discarded the blouse. My hands once again stroked down her sides, as I kissed and nibbled on her neck.

“Oh shit, you are driving me crazy. I can’t wait to feel those lips down there,” she begged before I silenced her with a kiss and said “Patience. You’ll get this tongue”

I soon reached down to her pants button, opening her jeans. I licked my way down her back, as my fingers opened her zipper. She pushed back against me as I soon kissed the small of her back. I shimmied those tight jeans off of her hips, anticipating my first look at her sweet ass up close.

She lifted up one leg, then the other as I removed her jeans. She then stood before me, wearing just her matching set of bra and panties. I gazed upon her lovely asscheeks, glistening in the dim studio lights, and soon I began kissing and licking back up her body, as I reached for the clasp of her bra.

She groans, “I still can’t believe this. It seems so erotic to be doing this here like this. It’s better than any fantasy I ever had!”

I knew our time was limited, so I quickly unclasped her bra, and took it off of her. I then turned her around, and was presented by the most perfect set of tits I’ve seen till date. Her nipples were quite dark and coin sized. My mouth watered, as I leaned my face closer to those beauties.

When my mouth circled her left nipple for the first time since they’ve been exposed to the blasting air conditioner, she moaned, “Ahhhh Tayo.”

Then her hands cradled my head, guiding me on my journey. My tongue and lips teased the slopes of her breasts, then suckled and nibbled on each nub tenderly. But, again I knew our time was limited, and much to my despair at the premature switch, it was soon time to make her fantasy come true. I knew she was on the very edge of an orgasm, and I wanted to taste it.

“Are you ready? It’s time for the main course, Salewa. She just nodded and said something incoherent as I knelt down once again, and worked her wet panties off. She was so wet that the crotch stuck between her lower lips. But with some skill, I managed to have them off quickly. I turned her around and bent her forward over the table. She stretched her arms out in front of her, preparing for the pleasure she knew was coming. Her legs parted wide, opening up to a wonderful view to behold.

I gazed at that hot ass, begging to be nurtured and loved. She looked over her shoulder at me, anticipating what was about to happen to her. I leaned forward, kissing her sweet butt. She groaned and murmured as I began to nibble and lick all across the slopes of her beautiful ass. Then I reached up, and spread her asscheeks, staring at the sexiest anus I’ve ever had the pleasure of servicing.

I slid my tongue out, and touched the tip to the rim at the exact moment that my fingers found her pleasure bud. She tried many times to clench her ass, but my hands held it wide open. My tongue slid in tiny circles, all around the sweetness. It had a musky, womanly scent, and I could feel my pleasure overtake me. I stabbed my tongue inside of her, and she trembled.

“Oh Tayo. Ahhhh,” she uttered in ecstasy.

I pulled out of her ass, and slithered my tongue between her protruding pussy lips. She climaxed with an urgency I’d never experienced, my tongue catching the flow as she pushed her sweet ass hard against my face. She mumbled under her breath, as I lapped at her nectar. She finally shuddered to a stop, and I once again slid my tongue back between her legs and right into her ass.

“Do it again. I can’t believe how wonderful it feels with your tongue up my ass. I want to cum again,” she yells out loudly.

I began to thrust my tongue in and out of her anal rim, as she assisted in making sure it wouldn’t slip out with her greedily pressing back at my face. This time I figured it would take her longer to cum, so now was the time to take my time with eating her out.

I guided her around, and she laid farther back. The table was already getting slippery with her juices everywhere. I reached up to hold her legs wide open and keep her ass from slipping off, and watched as her pussylips parted, begging to be licked.

She gasped, “Eat me, Tayo. Oh fuck, eat me!”

I was not there to disappoint. I kissed her vulva, as if I was kissing the lips on her face. Then, of course I french-kissed it. My tongue worked inside of her, slurping up the oozing juices as she squirmed on the slippery studio table and her cute ass made squeaky noises from the flowing cum sticking to her asscheeks. I centered my tongue and lips, on her protruding bud. Like her nipples, it was well pronounced, and begging to be licked and sucked.

She was cursing under her breath, as my tongue wrapped around her clit. I was still holding her thighs open, as I knew if I hadn’t, she would slip right off of the table and onto me. I nibbled and made love to that cave, finally bringing her to a climactic end.

“Shit! Harder, Tayo! Harder!”

It was one, continuous orgasm for myself as I finally brought her over the top to hers. She violently shook, and then my face and lips were swamped by her creamy cum. I slurped, and I mean I could hear the sound of my tongue lapping up her wetness. She seemed to cum forever, but it was actually only a short time. I made sure to taste every drop, which brought me to my final climax.

We just stay like that for a few minutes, as I tenderly kissed and licked her inner thighs and pussy. Finally, she moved to get off, and soon we were standing next to each other. Then she surprised me, and gave me a deep, tongue searching kiss.

Finally, she pulled away and said out of breath, “Hell, I do taste good. Thank you so much, Tayo. I better get going. I am so glad I decided to buy that milk.”

“It was all my pleasure,” I replied.

As she dressed quickly, she asked me, “I have a friend named Bola. Would you be upset if I tell her, and bring her along next time?”

“Oh really? There is going to be a next time?”

She shrunk away, “Oh, I’m sorry. How presumptuous of me. You aren’t interested?”

I walked her to the car, reaching into the boot to retrieve my groceries. I asked her for a pen and paper, jotted down my phone number, and then handed it to her.

I said, “Of course I’d be interested. Two women at the same time is always better than one.”

“Damn, you are a wild one. I will always remember this, and I will be calling. Take care, Tayo,” she said as she got into her car and drove away.

Just like my first time with a woman, that was an experience worth waiting for…

Long time no story. If you like the characters of Tayo and Salewa and you would like to read more about one or both of them, leave a comment.

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