"When we made love that night, It was a tender expression of newfound love"
So I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by Dammy's Blog. (Do check out her blog) and I accept wholeheartedly. Thanks girl! But first of all, introduction...
"Had we not been separated by so many layers of clothing, It would have been outright lovemaking"
"But your words cut deeper than a knife They were not out of control, They had your help You made me hate myself"
"Everything screaming in my dreams at night Tree branches snapping, scraping"
"It was a silent total ecstasy That you and I felt and declared The glow of passion Shining deep into the night"
"Technology has doomed the spontaneity of adventures and we're helping to destroy it every time we Google, Check-in, upload and hashtag."
"I never felt so complete She's just what I needed"
"This time when he thrusts inside me, he doesn't stop. He thrusts so hard and fast, making me feel like insides are going to spill out soon. The pain is beautifully sweet..."
"The kind that makes your pussy ache And your thighs wet From all the dipping you do"