An Open Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self
I know you want to do well, achieve good grades and you want people to like you – so you stress, you overthink, you worry, you put too much pressure on yourself... Oh my goodness, please slow down.
“It won’t fit,” Doyin moaned against his lips. “Yes, it will. You can take it, baby. Just relax and let daddy take care of you.”
Don't ask me how these two things are connected, it's you people that have been “riding” and all.
a day in the life of a high-functioning depressed nigerian
We all agreed, and the phrase 'service, just like that' was adopted, along with the mental snapping of fingers.
By being accountable, seeing criticism as a way to improve, reminding yourself what the other person means to you, reflecting on your values and finding ways to express yourself clearly, respectfully and timely, you can prevent pride from destroying your bond with your partner.
If I could invent a product, it would be a truth serum against Yoruba men. Once you have it on, they can't lie to you. Just kidding, or maybe not.
a day in the life of a high-functioning depressed nigerian
I heard exercise is good for mental health so I’ll stay here until it’s late, then get ready in a hurry. That’s more than enough cardio to start the day, don’t you agree?
Don’t believe his words or actions. Believe his character. That’s what determines whether he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.
You're not that different from a sperm; so optimistic despite how low your chances of becoming "something" are at the moment.
Every line in this poem Might not flow and rhyme, But I hope it makes Sense to you over time.