40 Things Your Boyfriends Don’t Want You To Know

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It’s the last day of the year and I just want to spill a few secrets before the new year rolls in.

Men can be predictable, so the secrets I’m going to tell you aren’t entirely hidden but they do not express them. Let’s unravel them together:

1) He hates your male friends

Your “bestie” most especially. There might be a volcano bubbling under that placid surface when you talk about them when he’s around.

2) He doesn’t think you need so much makeup

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but men are not crazy about makeup. They don’t notice the extra highlighter you applied or if your eyeliner is blue or black. Men like the people they date to be naturally pretty. Your boyfriend likes when you wear subtle makeup – the no make up make up look; He isn’t a fan of you looking like a pageant queen. He wants you to look like yourself.

3) He hates it when you look “sexy” and he’s not there with you

Yes, men are visual. They like you to look great – all the time! He appreciates when you put effort into your appearance, even if you’re just going to a casual dinner. Plain and simple, your boyfriend wants you to dress up, but he wants the sexy bit to be all for him, nobody else. He doesn’t see any reason why you should try to out-sexy other women on social media.

4) He wants space

Whoever invented man caves is a genius. Your man loves the idea of having a room to himself to do whatever he pleases. He yearns for some alone time but doesn’t know how to tell you. Sometimes he just wants to chill alone with his friends and play games.

5) He has weird thoughts

Sometimes when he’s quiet and seemingly lost in thought and you ask “What are you thinking?” and he says “Nothing” he might not be lying. Not really. Sometimes he’s thinking of some really weird and embarrassing stuff that aren’t even that serious to begin with and might not make sense to you. How can he explain that what had him so deep in thought was “Thanos walks weirdly”

6) He checks women out

A lot. That doesn’t mean he wants to get with them. He just appreciates the beauty of others and might even crush on one or two.

7) Your clothes

Even though he appreciates it when you look good, your clothes don’t matter to him as much as it does to you.

8) Feminism is a hard pill for him to swallow

He still wants to pay for dates, the rent, the ring, and some other expenses. He is pro-equality but he probably hasn’t seen it yet because sadly, women still subscribe to the patriarchal male strong men stereotype; someone who’ll supply everything for them. He won’t understand why you’re pushing feminism and the “independent woman” so hard if we as a people haven’t lived up to the one condition where it really affects men: money.

9) He wants more sex

He wants you to take the lead in bed. He wants you to let your hair down. He wants more sex with you.

10) He wants to feel appreciated

You like compliments, right? So does he, even if he only grunts in response. He wants to be told all the ways that he makes life easier for you; he wants to know that you notice. It puts a spring under his feet.

11) He teases you because he loves you

Ever heard the saying that men are only mean to the women they love? It’s true! And no, I’m not talking about cruel jokes and insults. When he teases you lightly and makes jokes about you, provided it’s not unnecessarily mean and sensitive, it comes from a place of love.

12) He prefers it when you’re honest and straightforward

He’s not a mind reader so don’t expect him to be. Talk. Tell him what you’re thinking. Tell him what you want. Women (and men) can be very passive aggressive when it comes to communicating, but he’d really prefer it if you just shot straight.

13) He gets very jealous

Sometimes over things you wouldn’t even understand.

14) He’s just like you

He gets sad, scared, insecure, excited, horny, wistful, wants to be happy around you, to fight with you, be cute, see you smile, to cry around you. But those emotions don’t bode well for him in public; they make him uncomfortable. He wants ONE WOMAN with whom he can be that way and you’ll be lucky if it’s you.

15) He respects confident women

…and a woman who would still sometimes cook for him. He likes equality but he wants it to be balanced so he’ll get annoyed when it’s rubbed on him every time. So pay your bills and don’t put it all on him.

16) He hurts just as much as you do.

17) He values love just as much as he values sex.

18) He likes good conversations and loves your voice.

19) He imagines you when a romantic song is playing.

20) Sometimes he will act dumb so you can feel better. Like asking about the difference between lace and mesh. More often than not, he’s already done his homework and he just wanted to hear you talk.

21) When he says you’re pretty, believe him

To him, you are pretty and beautiful and every adjective you can think of. So believe him when he says you are, even if you don’t feel like it.

22) He hates it when you talk negatively about yourself or self-blame.

23) When you say “I trust you” it means the world to him.

24) He absolutely loves physical touch.

25) He prefers seeking advice from his female friends than his guys.

26) Sometimes he doesn’t even know what you want!

27) He might not tell you about the hardships he goes through sometimes, to make your life easier.

28) He enjoys the silent treatment sometimes.

29) He hates arguing.

30) He can get intimidated by you sometimes.

31) He wants to feel needed.

32) He hates ultimatums.

33) He hates being kept waiting.

34) He wants you to play video games with him.

35) He hates it when you nag.

He heard you the first time!

36) He likes a little possessiveness from you.

37) He wants respect.

38) He hates it whenever you bring up his past mistakes

He hates it whenever you still hold things over his head. He hates it when you bring up past mistakes. He hates it when you hold grudges.

39) He doesn’t want you to expect him to change

He wants you to be able to love and appreciate him the way that he is. Yes, he is a flawed and imperfect person and he knows it. But he hopes that you can love him despite his flaws.

40) He likes being fawned over

He likes hugs and touches just as much as you do. He enjoys being held by you and understands the importance of being touched in many places (not always sexual)

So there you have it!

40 things your boyfriends won’t tell you.

If there’s anything you’d like to add or correct, feel free to leave a comment.

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