After the last tremors of, arguably, the biggest orgasm he’d ever had rocked through him just as Demi Lovato’s Body Say stopped playing on the speakers, Yinka collapsed against the bed and sighed, wondering if he would have known what he was missing if he’d not taken that bold step when they first met.

“She’s cute, isn’t she?” he had asked Priscilla, referring to the girl in the lace-trimmed slip dress sitting alone at the table adjacent to theirs.

“Well, yeah. In that preppy, missionary position kind of way.”

“Guuyyyy!” He screamed, hitting his best friend lightly on the shoulder.

He couldn’t stop staring, wondering why the girl was alone and if she was waiting for someone.

“See, just go and talk to her. You’re going to have to get over this shyness someday. Think about it, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe she’ll say she’s waiting for her date and you’ll come back to our table. You most likely won’t even see her again after today, anyway, so just do it! Ugh!” Priscilla said, obviously exasperated.

After thinking about it, Yinka asked, “You’re right but wait, what do I say if I go over there?” and without missing a beat, “Priscilla said, “Don’t you see what they do in movies? Ask if the other seat is taken, duh!”

He hesitated for a moment, then Yinka stood up and walked slowly to the table, as if unsure of where his legs were taking him.

The prettiest hazel eyes Yinka had ever seen looked up at him and he froze, all the bravado he’d mustered just seconds before evaporating into the air. His throat dried up and the only thing that came out of his mouth was “Can I sit here?”

The pretty girl’s brows contorted in what Yinka assumed was shock, confusion and a little bit of curiosity. “I’ll take that,” he thought, “it’s better than disgust or nonchalance.”

“Sure, take a seat!” the pretty girl said, her voice even softer than she looked.

“I know another seat I’ll love you to occupy,”  was Yinka’s next thought, accompanied by a grin, and the pretty girl asked, “What’s funny?”

He looked at Priscilla for help and caught her shaking her head, amusement etched on her features


“Pardon me if I’m acting a little weird. What are you doing here alone? Are you waiting for someone?”

“No, I’m not. My office is just on the next street so I usually eat lunch here.”

“You don’t stay around here or frequent this place, do you? I think I know all the regulars.” she continued.

“No, this is my first time here,” Yinka replied.

A thick silence filled the air for a few seconds and Yinka looked to Priscilla for help once again, but this time Priscilla wasn’t looking at him. She’d gotten busy with her phone, no doubt sending a text to her girlfriend. Jibola was a really nice girl and sometimes he envied their relationship for how close they were. If Yinka wasn’t Priscilla’s official best friend, he had no doubt Jibola would be.

He didn’t even realize he’d gotten so deep in thought until the pretty girl asked, “Why do you keep looking at that girl? Is that your girlfriend? Oh God! You’re not here to ask me to join you guys for a threesome, are you? I’m flattered but no, thanks. I don’t share.”

Too amused to be embarrassed, this made Yinka relax a little. “No, that’s my gay best friend but good to know,” he said with an impish grin plastered on his face.

“What’s your name? I’m Olayinka but my friends call me Yinka.”

“I’m Oluwadoyinsola but my friends call me Doyin.”

“Nice to meet you, Doyin.”

“Nice to meet you too. Sorry I went off like that but I have my reasons.”

This piqued Yinka’s interest and his ears perked up, eager to hear the rest of the story.

“Oh yeah? Tell me about it.”

“Isn’t this a little too deep for a first conversation?” Doyin retorted, suddenly embarrassed.

Yinka’s newfound confidence shocked him as he said, “Don’t you hate small talk? We both already know it’s hot outside, Nigeria is stressful, the food here is good, you’re a very attractive girl and I want to get to know you. So why not skip that part?”

Doyin looked down as if contemplating it, then slowly looked up and when she met Yinka’s eyes, she visibly relaxed. “Well, I got involved in something similar a while back and let’s just say it didn’t end well.”

“Why not? What happened?”

“I’ve come to realize that I usually justify my actions with whatever I make up in my head. He didn’t tell me upfront that he wanted sex with no strings attached any more than I told him I expected a relationship, and let’s just say things got very messy when I found out he was in an open-ish relationship with his partner who was abroad at the time.”

“Poor baby,” Yinka thought, unsure whether she wanted to hold Doyin in his arms and comfort her or kiss the sad look off her face. She settled for asking, “How about now? Are you seeing anybody?” instead and was pleased when the answer was “No. My ex-boyfriend and I just broke up two months ago and I’ve kind of been playing it safe since then.”

Sensing that the conversation was getting into more sad territory, Yinka changed the topic: “Do you want to join my friend and I at our table? I don’t want to leave her sitting alone.”

Doyin asked, “Are you sure she won’t mind?” and “No! In fact, she’s the reason I was able to come and meet you” Yinka confirmed.

“Okay then”

“Splendid! Let’s go and wait for our meals together. I’m sure you’ll like Priscilla.”

Just like Yinka had predicted, Doyin and Priscilla hit it off seamlessly – comparing notes on how the quality of James Patterson’s books remained almost the same and whether or not either of them thought it was a good thing.

Doyin hadn’t even noticed Yinka was holding a book when she approached her, she was too engrossed in her beauty to care.

The rest of the lunch passed in a blur of laughter and great conversations and none of them wanted it to end.

After then, Yinka and Doyin met up a few more times for lunch at the same place, and sometimes Priscilla joined them.

On their sixth date, Doyin asked if Yinka wanted to come to her place the next weekend, with the promise that she would cook.

In Yinka’s wildest dreams, all the times he had imagined sex with Doyin, he always knew it was going to be good but what happened that weekend blew his mind.

On the first day, he got there around noon, showered and they cuddled  on the couch while watching IDXtra on DStv.

After the second episode of Evil Stepmothers, Doyin excused herself to go to the bathroom and a few minutes later, a message popped up on Yinka’s phone. It was from Doyin and it read, “Come to the room. I want to show you something”

Filled with excitement, Yinka walked slowly, just like the first time they met. He got to the room and found Doyin spread eagled on the bed, motioning to him.

He obliged, too stunned to even make a comment.

He went to her and the kiss that came next threw him off balance. They’d kissed a few times before then but all of those kisses seemed like mere pecks in comparison.

They continued to make out like teenagers in heat for about ten minutes as their hands roamed around each other’s bodies.

When her hands got to his rod, “It won’t fit,” Doyin moaned against his lips.

“Yes, it will. You can take it, baby. Just relax and let daddy take care of you.”

Yinka closed the gap between them and slowly lowered himself to her, pausing to kiss each body part as he moved, then he captured Doyin’s engorged lips back with his, causing the dimple on his right cheek to sink in.

When he got to her thighs, he teased slowly with his tongue, probing, almost daring her to open up. After a moment, Doyin felt his tongue stiffen and move around as if in search of something and it only stopped when he found that sweet spot.

She instantly grabbed the bed sheets to keep herself steady, then one of her hands moved to his head to guide him as he flicked and sucked with a determination.

When his tongue wandered into her warm cave, she spread her legs further apart, inviting him to dive in even deeper.

The orgasm that rocked through her almost caused her to snap her knees shot and trap his head between her legs, but he anticipated it, held them apart and didn’t stop until she screamed his name.

Yinka kissed his way back up her body, stopping briefly at her belly button before taking each nipple into his mouth one after the other and teasing them until they were hard little pearls.

Doyin squirmed as Yinka lead a pleasure-filled attack on all her sensitive parts before he finally returned to the pretty lips on her face.

“I’m never going to be the same after this,” Yinka moaned as he slid into Doyin’s wetness, slowly at first while his lips searched every inch of her neck. When he found his way back to her mouth, she sunk her fingertips into the muscles of his shoulders, and they both lost themselves in the intensity of the kiss.

Yinka pulled her hands above her head and intertwined his fingers with his, squeezing them as each thrust got harder and deeper.

His movements became a bit rougher, and she dug her nails into his hands, her insides tensing and squeezing with incredible force.

She cried out, biting her lip and clenching my eyes shut.

“Doyin,” he whispered, sounding conflicted, “I need a … I need to … ,”

“Don’t stop,” she begged.

He continued to rock into her over and over, groaning so loudly that she covered his mouth. After a few labored breaths, he looked into her eyes and then kissed her.

He slowed down and looked at her, his eyes practically pleading with her to permit him to let go.

When she nodded, he cupped each side of her face and he kissed her again, slower, more tenderly.

With one final thrust, he emptied himself inside her and he touched his lips to hers, and then her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, and then finally returned to her lips.

They both smiled and sighed, exhaustion setting in. Yinka pulled her next to him, pulling the covers over their bodies.

He was right. He would never be the same after that.


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  1. Ma’am, my name is Doyin and I have never been so jealous of another person the way I’m jealous of the lady you wrote about.

    I loved the story, you write so well.

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