My alarm went off at 9 am today. Why so late? Because it’s Sunday and I’m free! Well, at least from my market runs. But however much I may look awake in the morning, I have decided that I do not wake up until ten. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, I am still somewhat asleep for the next hour.

I love my black curtains a little extra on days like this. You know that feeling when you wake up and you know you can afford to spend the extra hour or two just lazing around without feeling guilty. Yeah, that. 

The state of my room is one of the easiest ways to gauge my mental health at any point in time and this morning, you’ll find one unwashed plate of yam and egg on my work table. It’s from dinner last night so it’s not much to worry about. There isn’t a pile of dirty clothes that needs my attention, my wardrobe is neatly arranged and I swept the floor last night. Phew! All in all, I truly like it here and I think you will too if you could see it.

Okay, what’s on my to-do list for today? Let’s see:

to-do list

Before I can decide which one to do first, I am distracted by a call from an unknown number. Usually, I won’t pick up but it could be Mark. Remember him from the last time I wrote to you? A Day in the Life of a High-functioning Depressed Nigerian (Ep 1) 

I pick up thinking what a nice surprise it would be to hear from him but the first thing I hear on the other line is, “Madam, that your Awoyaya customer no dey pick o. I don dey her area now.”

Mtcheew. What’s the meaning of this?

I’m so irritated. See what being interested in Lagos men will do to you.

Still fuming, I search my phone for the customer’s number but before I can put the call across, this man calls back to tell me, “She don pick up. She say she dey church”

Before nko? Look at the time nau.

I ask him, “Wetin go come happen now?”

“She say I fit drop am for the gateman”

Phew! At least that’s settled. Now, where were we?

Oh yeah. My to-do list for today.

I think I’ll start with decluttering my closet. I’ve been putting it off for too long and that’s partly because I’m a hoarder but that changes now. 

The next hour probably won’t be fun but some of these clothes – especially the ones I’ve not worn in over two years – need to go!

Okay, I’m done now and that was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I’ll do another batch next week.

Crap! Look at the time. It’s 11:13 am already and my haircut appointment is set for noon.

Leaving it in a bit more of a mess than it was, I get dressed in the dark of my room while my cats remain asleep on my bed. Lucky bastards!




After getting a haircut and dying my hair, it is now past 2 in the afternoon and I’m about to leave the salon to meet up with Seyi for lunch. Since she’ll be sleeping over at my place, I call and ask her to meet me at her bus stop which is five minutes away, so we can go together.

Waiting for me in a pretty floral print top and high waist jeans, Seyi is a sight for sore eyes.

There’s a little crowd at the bus stop and for a second, we consider walking but I don’t feel up to it so I get the crazy idea to play a game to pass the time while we wait for our ride. Thankfully, she’s used to my impulsivity so I’m sure it doesn’t surprise Seyi when I say, “Let’s play a game. We’ll pick out strangers on the road and give them backstories.” She looks at me, and shakes her head as if to say “Here we go again” but she goes along with it. “O ya”

Of all the stories we’ve told today, my favorite is the one of the couple we saw in that gold Sienna. I said, “The wife looks like an Iya Oloja. I love how well put together her outfit is. But look at how she’s frowning; maybe they just finished arguing. What do you think the argument was about?” and Seyi – every day, I thank God for giving me crazy friends like this – said, “Maybe Alhaji has refused to give her money for her next trip to Dubai.”

“Ahnahn why?” I asked.

Seun: “Look at her nau. Look at the expensive lace she has on. She fit don sew all the fabric wey dey shop finish instead of selling them.”

We’re still laughing when a bus stops and we get in.

The ride is going smoothly until we get to the next bus stop and this woman comes in with three kids. The only available seat is the one right next to Seyi by the door so they have to squeeze in. This woman (let’s call her Mama B) manages to balance one of her kids on each of her knees and asks Seyi to help her “lap your sister” with which we both have no problem.

Now tell me why one of our adopted siblings starts pulling Seyi’s newly done braids with a death grip that only babies and women who are fighting with each other have.

There’s no way Mama B didn’t see that but just in case, I immediately draw her attention to it, “Madam, hold your baby o”

“Aunty, na your sister nau. She just dey play with am. She like una.”

I can just imagine Seyi saying, “Who be this? Whose sister? Ye! Hair that I just made!” but surprisingly, she stays silent.

Thankfully, they alight a couple of minutes later so Seyi’s scalp is safe once again and the rest of the journey passes in laughter as we listen to strangers’ gist on the bus.



Lunch wasn’t anything fancy – just ice cream and pastries – but I always feel good when I have my friends around. It’s the only part of this whole day that’s gone without event, except for the Uber driver that brought us back home mistaking us for “Runs” girls and offering to pimp us out if we’re interested. Crazy tins are happening in this Lagos o.

Well, we’re back home now and I will start preparing dinner soon. I want yam and egg again but Seyi likes pasta so let’s see who will fold and eat their favorite for breakfast tomorrow.

News flash: it’s not going to be me.

While I cook, I put my playlist on shuffle and it lands on Pray by Bebe Rexha. No matter how many times I hear this song, I don’t think I’ll get over how good it is. Damn! I look to Seyi to check if she likes it too because it’s important to me that my friends like good music, and she’s nodding her head along to the beat. Phew! Thank God I don’t have to block her.

After dinner, we talk until it is very dark outside. Seyi’s starting a new business and I’m very excited about the prospects.

I love how easily we can go from teasing each other and being silly girls to brainstorming ideas on how to market products, and I make a mental note to do this more often with her. When we’re done, I leave her to have her bath because I know she goes to bed earlier than I do.



As for me, I still have one last thing to cross off my to-do list. I am a little bit behind on my task at work and my boss was gracious enough to give me time to finish up tonight. I still remember our meeting yesterday; how she said, “We are looking to improve our customer service. We have to put ourselves in the position of the customer. You know, when you want service, you want it to happen just like that!” and though the conversation took place in the firm’s group chat, I could imagine her snapping her fingers as she was saying it.

We all agreed, and the phrase ‘service, just like that’ was adopted, along with the mental snapping of fingers.

It’s past 10 now and yay me! I’m finally done with work.

I look next to me and Seyi’s sleeping already. I envy how easily she can fall asleep when I have to turn for three hours and count the tiles on the ceiling before I do.

Crap! Tomorrow is Monday. I shouldn’t be up late again today but I need to finish the second episode of A Day in the Life of a High-functioning Depressed Nigerian.

I’m a little nervous about this one because the first episode was so good and I feel like I have to beat or at least match it so if I have to be up till 4 am, I will.

Honestly speaking, whether I’m having a good or bad day, boredom is a word that is missing in my dictionary of life and I think you’ll agree with me that the adventures of my daily life make it interesting and an exciting journey.

I’m glad I get to share it with you.


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  1. Will I everget tired of reading your works?


    I loved it so much. I like Seyi, she seems fun.

    Looking forward to the next one.

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