25 Fun Facts About Me For My 25th Birthday

On March 12, 2022, I clocked 25. That’s right, I hit the quarter-century mark. Phew!

I know every year is important, but this past year has been particularly impactful in my life.

A lot of things have changed for me and at some point, it felt like I couldn’t deal with those changes. But the days that followed have shown me how strong I am and that being my own person is a lot of fun.

Life truly works in funny ways sometimes.

To celebrate my 25th, I’ll share 25 fun facts about me (fingers crossed) and 25 life lessons that I think are worth reiterating.

25 Life Lessons for my 25th Birthday

1. Honesty pays. No matter whose ox is gored.

2. Don’t take on more than you can handle; it’s okay to say no sometimes.

3. Music will not hurt you.

4. You should try to come first; in life and in bed.

5. Embrace failure. There’s no success without it.

6. You learn more by teaching.

7. Beautiful things can come from ugly situations.

8. You have to crawl before you walk.

9. Leave some room in your schedule for fun.

10. Don’t give anybody power over your emotions.

11. Be true to yourself; that’s your essence. That’s what makes you beautiful.

12. Debt isn’t fun.

13. Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget so be there, as much as you can, for the people you care about.

14. Do something nice for people who can never repay you.

15. Try to laugh every day.

16. Don’t let the first smile you see in the morning be a fake one.

17. Go harder for the things you want even if you fear making a fool of yourself. You will live a very unsatisfactory life otherwise.

18. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to live your life as if your dreams have come true.

19. Try to keep your word.

20. Try to make peace where you can.

21. Be grateful, even when there’s a sense of disillusionment.

22. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love without expectations.

23. Add value to yourself, so you can add value to the lives of the people around you.

24. Never lose a chance to express appreciation. You’ll never regret an act of kindness.

25. Some people are like raindrops: made of water to start with, yet it falls over and over down a drain. And then, it is gone. Don’t try to hold on to them.

25 Fun Facts About Me For My 25th Birthday

1. One thing I cannot live without is yam. In fact, I was eating fried yam when I wrote this. It’s my comfort food as well as my go-to meal when I need something easy to cook.

2. I don’t think I’ve ever been in love. I want to believe I can and will feel more; it makes me giddy when I think about it.

3. My favorite song in the whole world is Nickelback’s If Today was your Last Day.

4. I can hold conversations about nearly anything with almost anybody if I want. It’s one of the things I’ll like to be remembered for.

5. I have a hard time throwing things away, so as a result, I still have clothes I’ve not worn in years.

6. It doesn’t help that I’ve stayed the same size all my life, right? Else, I would have given those clothes out.

7. I have very little social life. I am very content with just talking to my friends online but I am also the life of the party when we get together.

8. I truly have the best friends in the world. I love them with all my heart.

9. I’m a big crybaby.

10. Every single movie, playlist, blog, or book that I’ve watched, read, or listened to has had some sort of influence on how I view the world.

11. Everything I like now, especially crime documentaries, I’ve gone through a stage where I was unhealthily obsessed with them. I didn’t get why I liked it at the time, but now I do.

12. I’m 65% tomboy, 35% girly girl.

13. I rarely watch TV unless it’s on DSTV channel 171.

14. I can’t function with my ringer on.

15. I have 3 tattoos, 6 piercings, and counting.

16. I recently found out I enjoy recording myself.

17. I’ve never had a job working with someone else.

18. I hide it well, but I’m probably more critical of myself than any other person. I take all my faults/mistakes to heart.

19. My skin is very sensitive.

20. I still don’t know how to use makeup. All I know how to do is line my eyes and my lips, use a little lip gloss and go.

21. If I could invent a product, it would be a truth serum against Yoruba men. Once you have it on, they can’t lie to you. Just kidding, or maybe not.

22. I sneeze in 3’s.

23. The following quote is me in a nutshell- “I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”

24. I used to loathe confrontation (you’ll agree with me that it’s intimidating!), but I know that in the long run, communication solves almost every problem.

25. I love telling stories. It takes me like an hour to do so because I have to include every detail (I’m sure that’s evident in my writing style)

Bonus Fact: This list took me hours to write. Knowing what to share about yourself is the hard part because we’re often not prepared when the situation arises.


There you have it! 25 fun facts about me. I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know me a little more.

Which fact did you already know? Which one did you enjoy finding out? What do we have in common?

If you were to make your own list of “fun facts about me,” what would you include?

Let me know in the comments section.

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14 Responses

  1. Happy birthday dear.
    Keep up the good work
    While I wasn’t present for the most parts, it’s been fun watching your growth. To think I was scared to dm you once upon a time.

    You are incredible and you might not know it, but you are an inspiration.

  2. I’m your sister but I didn’t even know some things but now I do…

    Happy birthday once again sis. I love you.❤️

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