Back in 2020, I had a crazy day.


A good day for me starts with getting up before or right when my alarm rings, praying, showering, and getting through my to-do list for that day, but no two days are ever the same, so this wasn’t one of those.

The first alarm goes off at 5:23 am but I don’t hear it. It rang again at 5:37 and 5:49 and I still didn’t hear it. It’s like that these days but what else do you expect when I can’t sleep till 3 or 4 am?

When I wake up, I roll over to snuggle with my cat for a few minutes. He has somehow perfected the art of being his absolute cutest whenever I need to get up in the morning… or get things done. Just look at him, who can resist that face?

I heard exercise is good for mental health so I’ll stay here until it’s late, then get ready in a hurry. That’s more than enough cardio to start the day, don’t you agree?

It’s 7:51 am now and I should be on my way out but I don’t want to get out of bed yet. I’ll drag myself into the bathroom soon, just let me finish this episode of Friends. It’s the one where they all found out about Monica and Chandler- very funny.

Okay, game face on. It’s 8:33 now and I’m looking fresh and ready to go but first, I have to buy ofada rice from Iya Bukky. She already knows my order so at least I don’t have to pretend to be in the mood to talk.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people and am a very friendly person. I’ve even been pegged as an extrovert by those who should know me well. But mornings? Especially mornings like this? No. Just, no.

By 9:07 am, I’m at the bus stop wondering whether I should board a BRT or danfo. I don’t think I can tolerate a stranger’s sweat on my body today so I’ll wait. Oh, thank God. Here comes a red bus.

I plug in my earpiece and play some music. Spotify’s Daily Mix 2 is where it’s at and today it’s a pretty nice mix.

There’s almost no traffic so a little after 10, I’m at Leventis and I’m supposed to get off the bus but I don’t feel like it. I still haven’t summoned enough courage to run this errand so I follow the bus to CMS and take a bike for the short trip back.

I need a few more minutes alone so I’m not crabby or anxiety-ridden. Then I can push through the day and have conversations with people without feeling drained.

On a good day, I have focus and mental clarity. I feel like a capable, productive person. On those days, I’m the perfect actor. That’s when I act like myself best, a role I was born for. That’s when it looks like everything comes effortlessly to me, on the outside, but today I’m struggling.

I woke up feeling anxious about everything including my to-do list. There’s nothing major on it today, just a few errands, but I still feel overwhelmed.

Thank God I smell nice sha, and I have some snacks to keep body and soul together till I’m ready to go home. That lifts my mood a little.


By 2 pm, I’m done with most of my errands and ready to move to the last set. Today’s going better than I thought it would, so I’m now in a chirpy mood. I’m glad I dragged myself out of bed for this.

A short bus ride and a couple of “My color”s and “Fine girl”s later, I’m at my favorite supplier’s place and she looks a little sad so I ask what’s wrong. “I’m strong,” she says but the look on her face suggests otherwise. In fact, in the conversation that followed, she reveals she’s being treated for malaria. Such declarations of welfare in the face of adversity aren’t uncommon here.

She is feverish, but not even the dust could keep her away from work. This makes me wonder if my mood would have been a good enough reason for me not to show up. 

While I inspect the items I want, we talk about random things like how she finally got enough money to pay her children’s school fees so they weren’t sent back home and I empathized with her. We talk some more, I wish her business well and make a mental note to check up on her in a couple of days. 


By 4:27 pm, I’m ready to go home. The traffic is becoming a nightmare now, with people heading back home from different places, so I don’t need anyone to tell me there’s a long queue at the BRT bus stop. As I walk the short distance there, I wonder who I’ll meet today.

I’m still spinning from my encounter with Seun, the Athlete with the Cute Lisp on her way home from the stadium. I don’t remember who initiated the first conversation but I remember we immediately bonded over how good she smelled. Come to think of it, it must have been me. She was wearing Sugar Baby and there’s something about that exotic scent I can’t seem to resist or remove from my stash. Hmm, I can almost smell it now. I should text her.

Someone bumped into me at the ticketing booth, jolting me out of my reverie. People are always in a hurry here. I stand back while this person didn’t even deem an apology or acknowledgment necessary. What a jerk!

Before I can tap him, I see a man standing by my side. Apparently, he doesn’t have enough money to pay his bus fare. Come to think of it, didn’t this guy give me the same sob story the day before? “I don’t have change,” I said as I loaded my card and walked to the waiting bus.

By the way, let’s talk about those bus cards. Aren’t they great?

By the time I get there, there’s only one seat left on the bus and I immediately recognize the jerk who didn’t apologize earlier in the seat beside it. Oh, good, his earphones are plugged in. We can ignore each other’s existence in peace.



Great! O has sent me a funny video on WhatsApp:

I’m still laughing at it when the guy in the next seat taps my shoulder and makes me remove my earphones. “Tell me you’re a good conversationalist without telling me you’re a good conversationalist.”

I almost say “lol” out loud. It’s bold of this rude guy to assume I’d be interested in talking to him. 

“How does ‘you bumped into me and didn’t apologize’ sound?” I retort.

“I did? When?”

“You were trying to top-up your card; you pushed me and acted like nothing happened,” I maintained.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” 

Wow. That was easy.

He’s actually kinda cute. Smells nice too. Why is he looking at me?

After a moment of silence, I ask, “What are you listening to?”

Without taking his eyes off mine, “Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood.”

Who be this guy? I can count on one hand the people I know who listen to The Neighborhood, and half of them only know Sweater Weather.

Cool. Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all.

I can feel myself about to geek out but I keep my composure. I say, “I love the Wiped Out album” and he smiles. 

The Neighborhood - Wiped Out!“I’m Mark. Can I have your number so we can talk about this better? We’ll be at my stop soon.”

I give it to him with the same joy secondary school principals call out students on the assembly ground. “I’m Dolapo.”

‘It’s nice to meet you, Dolapo. I like your voice. Can’t wait to hear what it sounds like over the phone.”

I think “Lagos men and their sweet mouth. What’s this one again?” but I say “Thank you.”

A few minutes and a brief conversation about our favorite songs on the album later, I’d learn that his favorite is The Beach while mine is R.I.P 2 My Youth, we both agree that making a Moment of Silence the first on the album was a genius move and he gets off the bus with the promise to call. As I waved him goodbye with my face mask hiding my smile, he waved back and smiled back at me. 


The rest of the trip passes in a blur of music and web surfing and before I know it, I’m home.

What a day.

“I’d kill for a massage right now,” I think as I drop my bag on the bed.

After I check my business pages, finish a plate of yam and fried eggs and take a bath, I’m ready to finish this series I’m working on for my blog. It’s titled “A Day in The Life of a High-functioning Depressed Nigerian” and I’m proud of how I’ve been doing so far.

I’ll be up till 3 or 4 am again.

Wait! Mark didn’t call.

Lagos men. Smh


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  1. A year ago I didn’t understand what high functioning depression was, I just thought all depressed people were “not functioning ” physically. I love you😘😘😘😘

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts. They are really unique in prose and use of associated pictures. Keep on keeping on.

  3. I hate that I’m being kept in suspense, itching to read some more!!! I’m obsessed with Nigerian stories and the fact you added “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. definitely, we should get married. lol. please write some more! 😭😭

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  5. Lmfaoooo mark probably slept off on his couch immediately he got home.
    Please I want to

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