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What’s going on? No, seriously, I’m asking. What’s going on? These days, there are too many “breakfast” stories and I don’t like it. That’s not my lane though so I’m not here to talk about that.

Do you really believe there’s only one person for you?  If you do, then how do you know who it is? How do you recognize the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.

Have you ever dated a guy and you just knew it wasn’t going to work out? There’s nothing wrong per se, he’s just not The One, and you know it. Maybe the timing or the chemistry is off, but you have fun, so why not enjoy it while it lasts?

It’s nice that you vibe and the conversations flow effortlessly, he pulls your chairs and holds the doors for you, won’t let you walk closer to traffic when you’re on the sidewalk together, but something is missing?

If you’re telling your friends about him and you can’t talk about how he treats his family and whether or not he’s loyal to and would cover for his friends; you know – the things that shaped him into the man he is today, then he’s not Mr. Right For You. Maybe with time or maybe for someone else. But not right now.

These days, the bar is so low that it seems we assume a man is Mr. Right just because he’s willing to commit, and I get it. The dating pool is murky right now but even Mr. Right Now can commit. It doesn’t make him right for you.

Lemme tell you about Mr. Right:

Mr. Right challenges you to be better

He believes in you, and pushes you to be the most awesome version of yourself.

If you’re being a total dickhead, he’ll call you out because he knows you’re better than that.

If you’re giving up on that childhood dream you never admitted you had to anyone but him, he’ll tell you to get back in the game and keep trying.

Mr. Right Now, on the other hand… well, it’s not that he doesn’t believe in you. He may not challenge you. You like him because we all want someone who embraces us for who we are and lets us be comfortable in our own skin.

But people change and grow, and we want someone who’s going to help us through that process, not hold us back.

Odds are, you change and grow apart.


With Mr. Right it’s like your ex never existed

Mr. Right makes you forget about your ex; Mr. Right Now is only “better” than your ex. 

Mr. Right‘s the real deal — there’s no doubt about it. He makes you forget about whats-his-face completely. There’s no comparison.

Mr. Right Now, you probably ended up with because of your ex.

You gave him a chance because he did everything your ex didn’t do. And now, you constantly reassure yourself by comparing them to remind yourself this is so much better.


Mr. Right Now came along when you needed him; Mr. Right came when you least expected him

With Mr. Right it sort of just happened. Maybe he’s an old friend/acquaintance or you met when you were out doing your thing, you might not have gone into it looking for everlasting love.

No, you just kind of fell into it.

Your relationship with Mr. Right Now might be different.

Maybe you were bored, trying to get over an ex or all your friends were in their relationships and you felt left out. Or you gave in because he showed you something you really wanted and couldn’t get from your exes.

The catalyst does not matter, you chose Mr. Right Now for a reason other than the fact that you simply liked him.


Mr. Right is worth fighting for, Mr. Right Now isn’t.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself. Look at that man –

Would you stick around if down the line, something goes wrong? Ask yourself if you think the relationship is worth the work it would take to save it and if staying with this person is the direction you want to go in.


In some cases, Mr. Right Now won’t even commit at all

Mr. Right talks about, makes plans for your future together and ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THROUGH. Mr. Right Now might say, “Let’s see what happens”, and “I don’t want to ruin what we have” when you hint at any kind of commitment, or he future fakes. What is future faking, you ask? that’s a topic for another day but basically he might consistently hint at events in a make-believe near and distant future that never happen. It can be as little as a date the next week or building a family together.

Why do you think that guy consistently makes plans with you at the last minute?

While he will also be spontaneous, Mr. Right will make sure you’re free as far ahead of time as he can, because you’re his first choice for Saturday night hang outs, not his backup plan.


Look, I’ve seen a lot of women say they can’t believe a man they were involved with did a particular thing. Think about it: When we date these guys that, on paper, seem like the shit – you know the type I’m talking about – They look good, they may even get money and all that good stuff; but don’t look past surface level things like that, what do we expect?

You might say “I didn’t judge based on his looks alone, I also judged based on his personality” and to that I say it’s time that a lot of us looked past these men’s personalities and look dead at their characters because that’s what’s going to either make or break your relationships.

Don’t believe his words or actions. Believe his character. That’s what determines whether he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.


Dating is a necessary evil for you to figure out what you’re looking for, and who you are. Mr. Right Now is just another pit stop on your way to Mr. Right.


Please lemme know if you agree or disagree with any points made.

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  1. Some players won’t like the article but it’s got a lot of truths sprinkled in!!
    Just a little peak into the working of the male mind.

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