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I hope this post finds you well. Happy World’s Poetry Day to you all and a belated happy birthday to me 😊

Exactly 9 days ago, I clocked 22 and I realized one thing. I realized that I have heard so many stories about myself by now that I don’t know which one is more popular. But I do know which one is the least popular. The truth. The truth isn’t always the most exciting version of things, nor is it the best or the worst. It’s just that – the truth. Somewhere in between. But it deserves to be heard and remembered. It deserves to remain preserved. So here are 22 poems to mark my 22nd birthday. Here is my truth.

Please note that all these poems are old poems that I just never got around to posting on this site. If you are following any of my social media accounts, you’ll have seen some of them, but there are some that haven’t been published anywhere. I hope you like them and most importantly, feel what I felt when I wrote them.

1. Dear Diary

I am in love.

And do you know how I know that I am?

I can’t describe this feeling

For it has no shape or form.

The only thing that’s certain is that

Every song sounds like a love song now

And all I want is to see him smile again

For then, I am at peace.

It feels like my love feeds on his

And everything that exists,

Scents, colors, memories, lyrics,

Are like little boats that sail

Toward those isles of his that wait for me.

When do I think of him?

In the morning before the sun rises,

And when the first rays of sunlight finally

Spill like a waterfall between the blinds

And settle in my eyes.

I think of him at noon.

When the sun is at its highest,

Images of him swirl around like a funnel cloud,

Sucking into its grasp all that it touches,

And I am at peace.

When the sun is setting

And its final rays of light begin to fade.

I can hear his voice, soft, and slow in my head–

Words of beauty, joy, friendship, and love.

My heart begins to sing a love song so sweet and so gentle.

I cannot wait to share my day with him

And I am at peace.

When the sun has set

And the stillness of the moon

Is displaying one of its many wondrous phases,

Thoughts of his smile, his laugh, and his eyes

Create a feeling that is impossible to express with just words.

The need to touch him, to feel him, to drink him in

is almost too much to hold inside.

The anticipation of this is the greatest gift.

And I am at peace.

Dear Diary,

That’s how I know that I am in love.

– SmalleeWrites✍

2. The Weaker Vessel

Don’t be silly,

Girls can’t be strong and independent.

They’re always searching for reassurance

So don’t brush aside her inadequacies,

She can’t help the way she feels.

Don’t fret!

See the look in her eyes?

It’s most likely she’s giving you the look;

Walk over to her and make your mark,

I bet she’s been waiting for you.

Don’t be deceived.

Girls can’t be strong and independent.

She grieves when you’re not with her,

So go, offer her one of your comforting hugs,

Embrace the tangled mess that she is.

Don’t worry

Girls can’t be strong and independent.

So keep multiple partners besides her, please.

She will only cry and later forgive you

As she is essentially too weak to walk away.

Don’t be fooled,

Girls can’t be strong and independent.

They can’t have male friends with no strings


So distrust her, accuse her,

You’ll help her see the wrong in her ways.

Can’t you see?

Girls can’t be strong and independent

She’s lost without you

And everything she does is a cry for attention,

So please, take her feelings for granted.

Just forget it, okay?

She will come back!

Girls can’t be strong and independent

She doesn’t possess the resilience to carry on

In her world if you shut her out of yours.


3. Listen

Every line in this poem

Might not flow and rhyme,

But I hope it makes

Sense to you over time.

– SmalleeWrites✍

4. Depression

One word to describe a mountain of pain,

One word to steal the sunlight from

A person’s soul and leave them stranded

In a cold, grey landscape, alone and

Searching for something they can’t even name.

– SmalleeWrites✍

5. Home

Some people know the lyrics

To each other’s songs;

They find harmony in their laughter,

Their linked elbows echoing in tune,

But there are others that can

Never seem to hum on key,

Their melodies the only one

That always seems to go unheard.

Some people can recognize a tree,

A front yard, and know

They have made it home.

How many circles do others

Have to walk in before

They give up looking?

How long before they get lost?

– SmalleeWrites✍

6. You

You’re like a taste of morning air

Flavored by the sea;

Every bit pungent and powerful,

Soft and sweet.

Like your sweet cologne,

My senses are filled with you every day –

I miss your scent, your touch,

Our almost bottomless kisses

Laced with passion and trust

And our embraces-

Unplanned, passionate

And shockingly intimate.

7. The Forbidden Fruit

I’m addicted to the feel of you between

My beautiful, wide-spread pink conch-shell;

And the innocence and wisdom

I taste in your kisses, of the

Special place your tongue has found there.

Warm and wet, you slide inside,

And I do nothing to hide my lust

As we ride the wave of our mounting passion

Together, with trembling bodies

And wetness between us like morning dew.

My moans mingle with your throaty grunts,

Echoing our deepest desires

As we get lost in this hot sexy dance

With you stroking relentlessly, invading my core,

And leaving the sheets in a flood of my juices.

Different though we are,

As you thrust hard and deep and take me away,

I imagine your climax feels much like mine,

Like our love, like the waves of the sea rising

To drench us, slowly and then all at once.

– SmalleeWrites✍

8. My Friend

Thank you

For being a friend;

One of the few who accept

Silence in place of conversation

And their love comes in whole,

Not halves, not thirds.

Thank you,

For in your company,

The good times move fast

And the bad days even faster.

– SmalleeWrites✍

9. Not A Suicide Note

I’m tired of lying to everybody,

Talking when I want to be silent;

I’m tired of laughing when I want to cry,

And living every moment thinking about dying.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Seems to be moving farther and farther away

And I just can’t keep on holding on to naught

So my mind is made up.

I’ve mastered this beautiful art;

The art of losing things and people,

So my life shouldn’t be hard to lose.

Please don’t cry for me-

Smile for I’m finally home

And I’ve finally found peace.

I don’t want you to

See this as a suicide note

But for you to see it as what it is;

This is my truth.

10. Sayonara

I’m standing here,
Our box of memories all packed.

I’ll leave it right here
In the hallways of the
Only place I ever see you now.

Handle with care
And keep it safe for me.



11. Do You?

Please tell me something,

And do not lie.

Is something fading

between you and I?

I’ve noticed changes

in the recent past

and waited patiently,

hoping it wouldn’t last.

I give everything

I can give you,

but what’s given back

seems long overdue.

You say nothing is wrong

and you are just fine,

acting as if

the problem is mine.

Something is different,

not like it was before.

I’m doing my best,

trying to restore

The way we showed love

to one another

without crowding you

or trying to smother.

I just need to know

if one thing is true.

Do you still love me

as much as you used to?

– SmalleeWrites✍

12. Untitled

We sat as two souls

Under clouds of passion,

Staring into space

And letting the universe

Steer our conversations,

And when our lips met,

Those three words

Lingered on my tongue

But rather than say them,

I used said organ

To trace your lips,

To, if nothing at all,

Keep from saying them and

Eliciting that response from you

That I fear so much.

– SmalleeWrites✍

13. Healing

I hold on

To the memories we created

And I try not to feel

As I slowly repair my battered heart.

I wish

For an attraction so fierce;

Line a moth to a flame

And Icarus to the sun.

I long for

The feel of your heat around me

But the pieces of my longing

Have all fallen into the fire.

I want

Nothing but happiness

But I can only write sad poems

When I think about us now.

14. Liar

Do you remember how
For the longest time
Nothing seemed to fit,
With your sparse words
And soaring thoughts,
That beautiful haunted look
In your eyes
When you get sad
That you try to shake off
Before anyone notices.

Nothing fit.
Not even your clothes.
Bright colors made you feel like a fraud
And your dark clothes didn’t seem dark enough.

– SmalleeWrites✍

15. A Poem About Writing Poetry

No one else watches

As ink escapes my pen

On such desolate nights.

I alone revel in this freeing act

As thoughts run around

In my head like a liltie.

It’s like a revolution of my thoughts

Led by my hands from the moment

They seek paper to write.

– SmalleeWrites✍

16. Crème de la Crème (1)
The very best.
She will leave you desirous
Of spoonfuls of
Hot and delicious
Melted chocolate
To quench your thirst.
– SmalleeWrites ✍

17. Crème de la Crème (2)

The very best.
She will leave you with
Images of bare thighs
Like dark salted caramel,
And craving the taste of
Cacao: the food of the gods.
– SmalleeWrites ✍

18. Crème de la Crème (3)

The very best.
She will leave your senses
Teased and aroused,
Drooling over the scent
Of virginal white chocolate:
Rich, addictive and astonishingly sweet.
– SmalleeWrites ✍

19. Addiction

Emotions as explosive as gunpowder
Swirl around us violently,
As if we’re living in the eye of a hurricane.

They funnel between us,
Then merge in a torrent of need.
With muscles taut as wire,
Our kisses offer comfort,
As well as passion.

This red wave of pleasure
That always erupts behind my eyes
And down my thighs, is addictive.

This wild game once played
Will never be forgotten,
It would always be craved.

No matter how much I take from you,
I fear I would always come back from more,
And the certainty of this terrifies me.

– SmalleeWrites ✍

20. Homeless

Life is an infertile penis

Violating everybody

And leaving chaos

In its wake.

Somewhere on every corner,

You can find starving kids,

Huddled together and

Garnering strength

From their mutual

Rumbling stomachs.

Shadows are cast

Upon their bony bodies

As people walk past them

And ignore their pain,

Letting them wallow alone.

Why do we leave them

Stuck staring into the sunset,

Wondering where their next meals

Are going to come from?

– SmalleeWrites ✍

21. Let me in

Let me in.

Let me show you what it feels like
To be loved by a woman
To whom love means a lifetime.

Let me give you whisper-soft,
Achingly warm kisses
That make you want to sink into them.

Let me show you what it feels like
To sink into a dream,
Soft, drugging and too beautiful to be real.

Let me gift you with true happiness everyday;
I’d heal wounds you’d forgotten you had,
Soothe aches you’ve found a way to live with.

Let me show you that you can never
Give too much of anything
To someone you cherish.

All you have to do is let me in.
-SmalleeWrites ✍

22. Believe me

This poem is my heart,

I’m holding it out to you.

When I say I love you,

Please believe it’s true.


If you made it this far, you’re the real MVP. Which of the 22 Poems is your favorite? I personally cannot chose one but I’ll like to hear what you think.

Also, this post won’t be complete without 22 random facts about me so here you go:

1. I believe that there should be a sarcasm font.

2. I used to be scared of making new friends, knowing, meeting new people, because getting close to someone means forging bonds opening up your heart and leaving yourself vulnerable to be hurt. Secrets could seep out of the cracks of the most carefully constructed fortresses, no matter how securely they have been sealed. But I’ve realized that it’s my choice to decide which side of myself to share with them and so making new friends has actually become exciting.

3. I think a way to explain the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is the fact that some see God in every object, while some see God as another object.

4. There are some experiences I’ve had that they haven’t invented the right words for.

5. I happen to like my vices (the ones I have left, at least). That’s why I went through the trouble of acquiring them.

6. I think that every time we feel we have the right to be carefree and unfeeling for a while, that we’re done putting ourselves out there and feeling at all, there ought to be a voice of reason screaming in our ears, “You’re not a vampire. It doesn’t work that way in the real world. You get to feel every agonizing emotion, every detail until something else comes along that makes it either more or less painful. You don’t get a kill switch to your emotions,” because after denying our feelings for the longest time, we still end up falling hard, crashing like a bowling ball crashes into pins.

7. People seem to mistake feminism for being loud, bragging, obnoxious, insufferable, insulting, unreasonable, arrogant, pompous, exhibitionist and hateful, and that’s one of the reasons why I refused to associate myself with the title of feminist but I believe in equal opportunities and rights for both genders.

8. I suffer from anxiety but I am great at hiding it with humor and an outgoing personality.

9. I think Quora is amazing.

10. I have a really cute lisp.

11. I was a tomboy as a teenager.

12. I can wiggle my ears (using my hands, of course)

13. I don’t think I can do any job that curbs my creativity.

14. I think boobs are nice but butts are better.

15. I’ve been working on this list for almost an hour now and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve either become very uninteresting or I don’t know much about myself anymore.

16. I’m almost completely clueless when it comes to politics.

17. When I try to draw people, they look like gingerbread men with claws for fingers.

18. I’m a shy ambivert. A lot of people confuse extroversion with being outgoing. I’ve just learned coping strategies to manage my shyness, so most people don’t know and would never guess that I’m shy.

19. I am pro-choice and pro-life. Yes, we exist.

20. When people tell me I’m easy on the eyes, it makes me smile.

21. I love ice cream.

22. The fact that I’ve finally finished this list is giving me immense satisfaction.

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2 Responses

  1. This was interesting to read.

    Firstly, let me start by saying a Happy Birthday to you. 22 is such an important year as it comes after 21 which is the all important year and before 23 which is a somewhat boring year.
    Ofcourse, I consider 22 to be a pigment of your artistic imagination. Informed folks have alluded that you could be half a dozen years older.

    I have to say, I found your poems really really interesting to read. You have good head and it shows… Also, couldn’t help but notice that you love love which is definitely a good emotion to feel 😊.
    Favourite is between 9 and 2.

    22 things about you you. 3 really bangs and your resolution with 2 makes a whole lot of sense. I hope you’re going out and making new friends and exploring life’s offerings now. 5 though… How do you like vices that you’ve left ? And isn’t a vice by definition negative ?.

    Oh. Anyone that disagrees with 14 needs to have they mental health checked.


    Happy Birthday once again and have a great weekend.

    • Hey, Me.

      Thank you reading. I really appreciate the feedback. 22 is just a scam, please. I don’t feel any differently than I did when I was 21.

      Yeah I love love. Love is sweet when it’s real.

      Lol. Vices are considered negative by society but may not necessarily be. It all depends on individual perception. If you knew what these vices were, you’d understand why I like them so much. And no, it’s not whatever you’re thinking.

      Lol. Of course you’d agree with that.

      Thanks once again, have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing (hearing from?) more of you 😊

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