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In the words of Kelly Moran in Tracking You, some people have platonic all but tattooed on their foreheads and as a result of this, they get friendzoned.

Recently, a friend of mine was on the receiving end of this “zoning” and her pain was obvious in her texts to me. It was a good laugh and a very good conversation starter, but it also gave me inspiration to write.

The poem you’re about to read is an open letter to all the boys (and girls) who have been friendzoned. It is a collaboration with the wonderful Emobi of Emobi Writes. Do check out her blog. She writes amazing stuff.

Also, enjoy.


These words we spill from the depth of our hearts
To you and you and you;
We’re sorry that we didn’t pick you,
The perfect sunflower in our gardens
While we were busy chasing
Deceptively beautiful roses.

I don’t think words can describe
The pain that we put you through,
I don’t think words could ever
Make up for our actions and inactions
But please let me try.

I’m sorry that we left you
Standing on the sidelines,
On the outside looking in,
Watching us love others,
Probably hoping that one day
We would realize that
You could be ours and make us happy.

I’m sorry that our dancing eyes
Didn’t focus on you.
You liked us as lovers
But we liked you as friends;
Gave us love but we threw it away,
Yet our heart was broken
And you still loved us with all the pieces.

I’m sorry that soon our cold hearts
Had no space for any other,
Still you gave us love
But we threw it back at you,
And we know that we are not friends
Because you don’t look at your friends
The way you look at us.

Sometimes we went with those
Who threw our love back at us
And left you who wanted a lifetime, maybe
And stripped you of the love you had for us,
So I’m sorry that you had to listen to us sing
Knowing that the lyrics weren’t meant for you;
I’m sorry that you had to read our poems
Knowing that the feelings weren’t elicited by you.

Of some of you we have created monsters,
Creatures with dark endless pits for hearts
Leaving a trail of stripped clothes and broken hearts
Like trophies in your wake;
Nothing can tame you,
And for this I am terribly sorry.

To all the boys I friendzoned,
You can always count on me
To make you smile and make you laugh;
Brace yourself for the day
For which your heart is craving;
I bet you have been waiting to hear
The lines of that poem being read out loud
By the person you love,
But I’m sorry, that person is not me.

-SmalleeWrites✍️ x EmobiWrites

Can you tell which parts belong to who?

What’s your experience with friendzones?

Let us have it in the comments section 🌚

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