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Happy New Month!

Your favorite small blogger is back again.

It’s a new day, and for me it came with a lot of introspection. I woke up and spent the first hour praying and thinking about life, its upsides, its struggles, and everything in between.

I let Keke Palmer’s cover of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, Bebe Rexha’s Sweet Beginnings and Brymo’s In The City play in the background on a special playlist I created, and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the killings and pure evil occurrences, especially the most recent; the attack on the students of the University of Jos. 😢

Even now as I’m writing this blog post, I can’t stop wondering how we got in this deep; to the point where hearing that our brothers and sisters are being maimed and killed for absolutely nothing- at most it’s a war without a just cause- has become a normal thing.

I guess it’s true that life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward, because some of us did our best to feel sadness and grief for their deaths but this morning we’re all back to making jokes as is the way of Nigerians. I just can’t help wondering how long it would be before the friends and families of the deceased can fully appreciate humor.

Empathy can be both a blessing and a curse.

I’d hate to make this blog post a long, boring and sad one so without much ado, here’s the poem (It is so named because I sort of jumped in at the deep end by writing it and it’s also a play on words… InDEEPENDence)

I hope you enjoy it and more importantly, feel what I felt when I wrote it.


These words spring forth
From the pages of my heart,
Words of uncommon beauty
And immeasurable strength.

I’ll try to rewrite my stories,
I’ll try to sing new songs,
I’ll open the folder labeled ‘memories’
And put the past where it belongs.

I’m no longer shackled by
The chains of Amistad
And I no longer wonder why
Things sometimes get hard.

Nobody warned me that
This is how life would be;
Its ears sometimes blocked
By all these mournful numbers.

It’s like a sweet dream
Until you’re rudely awaken
By drops of the morning rain
Coming from your own ceiling.

It’s like a picnic
With your loved ones
Until Death steps in
And calls your favorite away.

All the things that
Seemed important yesterday
Turn to flashes of moments
That seem to fade away.

Time oh so quickly flies by,
Friends and family die,
And you never know
When you’ll say your last goodbye.

Then it’s back to reality,
Back to watching the future unfold,
Living for those moments of
Utter contentment.

In this world that we live in,
Filled with so much disensanity,
Championed by our own
Ambassadors of Poverty,

It gets harder and harder still
To hold on to your sanity.

I won’t drag this poem out
Much longer.
I just want to make sure
That we all have a reminder.

That everything in life is vanity;
We say we know this, but it
Doesn’t stop us from acting
Without compassion for humanity.

Like the boy on the swing,
I’m riddled with so many questions
But I know that the answers
Aren’t soon forthcoming.

Something has to change,
We have to do better.
I don’t want to see more pain
Being passed from one to the other.

Happy Independence Day.

-SmalleeWrites ✍

Life is a gift that has been given to us. It is in our hands to make the best out of it, but it shouldn’t be in our hands to take another’s (life).

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