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Have you ever sat alone at night and your mind wandered to that person, then you reached for the phone but had to stop yourself because you know that going down that road is only going to hurt more than missing them does?

Have you ever felt like having your brain cells replaced with anything at all if it would mean that thoughts of that person never crossed your mind again?

Have you ever kept yourself so busy and overworked to the point of exhaustion just to ensure that you’re too tired to feel or think about them?

That’s how it feels sometimes when you find yourself missing someone that doesn’t feel the same way about you; and these poems are just here to tell you that it gets better. On some days you’ll feel like you’re over it and on some days your feelings will return in bouts, sometimes you’ll even feel like you’re drowning in them. It sure hurts but it really does get better. You’ll get over it eventually and you’ll be a better person for it.

Stay strong. Move on. Holding onto something that’s gone will only make you sick inside.



I hate nights like this

When I am almost deafened

By the voice of my aching heart.

What a stupid organ;

Forgetting that your purpose

Is to pump blood and keep me alive.

I wonder what you think you’re doing

Pining after something you’ll never have

Stupid stupid organ, you must be a masochist.

– SmalleeWrites ✍


If it were my heart’s decision,

You would still be here

But I had to let my head

Take the lead this time.

It gets better everyday,

The wind has returned to my sails

But I am constantly being plagued

By memories of the spectacular times we had.

– SmalleeWrites ✍


I hate to be stuck in the past

But how do I get over this

When I wanted more than

Anything for us to last?

I guess I was wrong

And it really hurts

But what else can I do?

I just have to hold on and stay strong.

– SmalleeWrites ✍

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