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I hope this post meets you in impeccable health. I read somewhere that walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light, and it didn’t strike me how true it is until this morning. I had a rough night and the fog didn’t clear like I thought it would this morning. Knowing what was happening and knowing me well enough to know that poetry is one of the things that hold me when nobody can, my friend reached out and asked to write a poem with me.

The collaboration emptied me of the blues and I was finally able to sleep undisturbed. Doyin, I love you. I really do. Thank you.

I hope you all enjoy reading it.


A broken heart
Tear stained cheeks
A tattered soul
Burnt at the stake
A crazy mind
Hidden beneath a pretty face
A raging storm
Violent winds abound
A bleeding wrist
Relief at last
Memories flash
Blinding me temporarily.

If only life had taken me to its bed gently
Then I’d be free from these emotions,
As explosive as gunpowder.
If only it had touched me in the right places
Then probably I won’t have days like these.

But it rather grabbed me and shoved me around
And I had to constantly drag myself out of its vicious hold
It rather gave me a tiny glint of hope
Which was all I needed to get back on my feet
As these races won’t run themselves.

Eyes closing, I only hope to open them on the other side
Ready to do it all over, bright and early.
With a conscious mind and opened eyes,
A beeping sound, shuffled legs,
A smiling face, hiding no pain,
Eyes seeing clearly, no longer straining.

I look into the mirror and
Staring back are a pair of crystal clear eyes
With pain etched into their edges
Today, I stare back into them
And speak soothing words to take the pain away.

They only smile back and reassure me,
Then realization hit me
And in this moment, I know how well I have to live for them
As a warrior at heart, a survivor in spirit.

In this moment, nothing else matters;
Not the pain, not the memories,
Nothing but what the future holds
And the naked napkins that will
Always be there to wipe my tears
Away should they fall again.

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