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I hope this meets you in impeccable health. Today’s poem is one that I’m excited to share because it was effortless and it’s always fun doing a collabo with this big teddy bear. In this poem, we talked about our individual experiences, mainly how sex came to be a part of who we are.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

As a young boy,
I was told that sex was a sin
Or was it the bomb?
Depends on who’s telling the tale-
Your parents or your friends.

As a young girl,
I was told that sex was a sin;
In fact, even the mention of it
Or watching scenes on
The television was a taboo.

I desperately wanted to try it,
To partake of the forbidden fruit;
Lied to my friends I had done the deed
To keep up looks and all,
Little did they know
That this boy was still a boy.

“Don’t let boys touch you,”
“Don’t let them see your panties,”
“You’ll get pregnant,”
Yet I saw people engaging
In this act and nothing
Hurt them in the process.

Finally, I found a girl;
She laid there,
I entered her eagerly
And three pumps later I was a man
I had bragging rights now.

Finally, I found a boy
In a man’s body,
Thought myself in love
And surrendered myself to him,
Damning the consequences.

But it’s sad isn’t it?
I continuously crave the high,
Ten pumps and it’s gone
And here I am chasing after everything in a skirt

But it’s sad isn’t it?
What was supposed to be
A special thing turned out
To be one that I look back on
With disgust and a world of regret.

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