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I hope this post meets you in good health. I’ve missed doing this for you. Well, I lost my laptop so for a while there I lost the will to write and post on my blog until recently, but I‘m back now and better. I‘m sorry it’s taken so long but from now on, expect fresh content on this site at least once a week or two.

I’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of some of these guys, and I finally got the opportunity to have a sneak peek into it last night when I was talking to my friend about sex in long term relationships. It was enlightening and funny to say the least, so I got his permission to share it with you.

Apparently, there are different butt specifications each with its own peculiar qualities, pros & cons. There’s the built for speed ass and the built for comfort ass. Those that are “built for comfort” are the big ones that “you use to relax during sex to give you immediate climax.” On the other hand, the ones that are “built for speed” are “those sexy butts that give you pleasure and maximum excitement and accurate speed during sex.” {His words, not mine)

According to Tobi (not his real name), men tend to climax faster when they’re dealing with a girl whose ass is “built for comfort”, but the sex is not always great for both parties because the thoughts and excitement of getting down with the girl and her ass clouds his mind, making him climax fast. On the other hand, when doing the deed with a girl whose ass is “built for speed”, “you get maximum satisfaction because you can try new stuff and the ass is not too big for the owner… You can twist and turn, carry and shake and give her left and right while getting to climax just as easily.” (His words, not mine)

Tobi commented that most big booty chicks require extra effort and it’ll be easy for a guy to get overwhelmed by the size but the built for speed ass brings the perfect blend of excitement and pleasure so much that it doesn’t become distracting and the guy doesn’t just climax before the real deed’s even started. He also said that girls with small sexy asses express themselves better during the act, while chipping in that doing it doggy style with a built for comfort ass is dangerous because the guy may end up “moaning and climaxing like a goat.” (His words, not mine)

He went further to tell me that guys love sex that makes them express themselves, and not sex that merely makes them c*m, and so he’d go for the built for speed ass (Why you lying?) because apparently, small asses make you show you’re a man and it defines your true strength. (What’s this boy saying?)

Lastly, he cautions that we don’t mistake curvy for ass, ridiculously shaped or not, and that’s all I got from Tobi on the subject of asses.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I used the name Tobi ’cause that’s who I’m rooting for in the Big Brother Naira house, although I’m torn between him and the hot Miracle.

Anyways… I want to hear from you… Was he right about what he said? Was he wrong? Tell me in the comments section.

Do you have a preference like Tobi? Or anything goes? I’ll like to know. Comment below.

Is there anything you’ll like to add? I’m open to learning. Let me have it in the comments section.

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