Hello people!

Instead of posting 6 poems, I decided to share with you all 69 facts about me.img_20160929_135115.jpg

Here they are:

  1. I take the ‘R’ and ‘L’ on my headphones very seriously.
  2. Thought of one “stranger” in my class to talk to and then I took his number from the class group.
  3. I literally took one step at a time while climbing down a sorta kinda ladder.
  4. I went to the library, finished reading a whole topic and left.
  5. Went on a date with a pretty girl 😁.
  6. Had jollof rice and the coldest palmwine I’ve had in forever, at Arafat’s convocation celebration on Tuesday. Congratulations, my love!!!
  7. I turn off the lights on some nights and bawled my eyes out.
  8. I read 10 novels in a week.
  9. Wrote a letter to my future children.
  10. In an ideal first conversation with me, you will find out 10 things that I like: cats, junk food, flowers, bags, writing, love, music, movies, poetry and did I mention food?
  11. When I hear “comfort zone,” I immediately think of my bed.
  12. I think “Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me” might as well have been talking about a penis.
  13. I’m off the market.
  14. I don’t like Marvel movies and superhero films generally, because it takes me at least fifty percent more time to watch them. Probably because I rewind over and over and over to confirm who’s who and what’s what.
  15. I started reading The Bible.
  16. I watched African Magic Yoruba non-stop for about 36 hours. I found only one movie that had potential.
  17. I love Khalid’s voice. I just abso-fucking-lutely love it.
  18. I have no idea what Game of Thrones is all about but I have watched every sex scene.
  19. Same goes for American Gods.
  20. Still 5’1”.
  21. I have this fantasy of doing a striptease to Raury’s Devil’s Whisper.
  22. I hope this doesn’t say anything bad about me but I totally prefer Devil’s Whisper to God’s Whisper.
  23. I love my family. Family comes first.img_20170916_111605-2.jpg
  24. When I’m not rolling my eyes, I am busy being the biggest sap in the world. I routinely cry watching t.v. dramas, touching commercials.
  25. I still don’t know what size bra I wear.
  26. I have a very stylish and beautiful handwriting and sometimes I just write stuff so I can admire my handwriting.
  27. I’d like to get lost one day and make the most of my situation, even have fun.
  28. I hate almost all reality TV. Did I say almost? I meant all.
  29. I generally don’t like comedy that makes fun of or degrades people. There are too many other ways to make people laugh.
  30. I think the sexiest part of a woman is the small of her back – tattoos are ok, but not required.
  31. I hardly ever drink beer, no, I mean never. I however do love a good vodka but I don’t consider Absolut or Stoli a good vodka.
  32. I still do not believe in organized religion; I believe spirituality comes from within and not from within a church. Nonetheless, I now go to church.
  33. If I am not making fun of you, I probably don’t like you.
  34. I don’t think I have ever had a relationship, any kind of relationship at all, with anyone who really understood me.
  35. Still the life of the party. If you know, you know.
  36. I have always wanted to try skydiving, but only if it is an accelerated free fall jump.
  37. I still believe in soul mates.
  38. I missed my friend’s show and now I’m too ashamed to show my face in front of her. I’m sorry.
  39. I LOVE SURPRISES! (As long as they’re good ones)
  40. I always walk around with a notebook and pen in my bag just in case inspiration hits me.
  41. Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes because I know no one else will.
  42. I’m a firm believer that someone should create a sarcasm font.
  43. I’ve come to accept the fact that I can be kind of a jerk.
  44. When someone has offended me and I don’t confront them for a very long time which is usually a week or two, I end up confronting them in weird, vivid dreams. I hate it but I can never ever help it.
  45. Sometimes I look at people in relationships and think that’s something I’d like to have someday. Other times I think I’m doing okay on my own.
  46. Maintaining this blog is one of the really consistent things I’ve done for a significant period of time. I consider it an achievement.IMG_20160920_135706.jpg
  47. My biggest pet peeve will have to be people misusing homonyms. If you can’t differentiate between “Your” and “You’re,” “I’m” and “Am,” “They’re,” “There” and “Their,” “To” and “Too,” “Bear” and “Bare,” don’t text me.
  48. When I started my blog, I wished I had done it anonymously so I could really say what I wanted to say. Now I’m glad I didn’t, because I can actually say what I want to say, and stand behind it, too.
  49. Debola says I’m honest in a self destructive type of way – almost like I’m warning people about the mess they’re getting themselves into. Whatever that means.
  50. Debola says I’m “too dedicated to show halfway emotions like keeping a straight face. If I’m not laughing, I’m frowning” I smile na. Ahnahn.
  51. He also says my moral compass is just a scale of how many people I’ll be hurting with my decision. The fewer the better.
  52. I’d rather have a sex change operation without anesthesia than sleep with all my clothes on.
  53. My first memory of ever being attracted to a girl was 7 years ago. I had gone to visit my best friend at her house and I couldn’t stop thinking about kissing her. Although there was that time with my “aunty” probably 7 years before that. Story for another day.
  54. Making eye contact with basically everyone just recently stopped being extremely painful and awkward for me.
  55. It’s incredibly easy to freak me out, I’m a huge baby when it comes to scary movies.
  56. Just like the next person, I can be very opinionated and self-righteous and a hypocrite. I’m working on it.
  57. I’ve had a lot of nicknames in my life and my favorite so far is Jellybean. A friend of mine told me how I was hard on the outside and soft on the inside and how it reminded him of a jellybean.
  58. I still can’t drive. FML.
  59. I think Debola is right and I am a sucker for pain.
  60. I wonder what he means by me being small enough to be nature’s answer to paedophilia though. 😏
  61. I get irritated easily and I don’t have much patience.
  62. I fall just as easily.
  63. Sometimes I just tune people out and meditate on my life.
  64. When I’m enjoying myself, I can be in a place for hours. But when I get antsy, I will find a way to escape and entertain myself elsewhere. Same goes for when I’m seeing someone; if I get bored, I’ll end it. It’s that simple.
  65. I have a cat. Her name is Sky and she is the most beautiful thing to me.
  66. There are only a few people who I will fart in front of. Aren’t they lucky? 😂
  67. I have been told that I am an oblivious flirt. Apparently I do it without realizing it.
  68. A good night’s rest is important to me.
  69. My name is Oyekanmi Ruqayya Adedolapo and this has been 69 facts about me.


I hope you were entertained.

Now tell me, what do we have in common?

What do we disagree on?

Tell me 5 or more facts about you in the comments section.

I’d really like to get to know you better.

Oh and Fridaws, I remember how one of such posts brought you to me. I miss you.


Thanks for stopping by. If this is your first time visiting this blog, please come back. And tell a friend to tell a friend to visit. Also, don’t forget to follow, like and comment. Bye and have a wonderful day! ❤










8 Responses

  1. I av this feeling getting to know you from the distance is better than getting closer, cos one way or the other I see our meeting as a union btw a volcano n a tornado, could be catastrophic.
    Loads in common, but I’ll leave it cryptic
    Say hello… 7067930771
    PS…. U’ve been warned 😉

  2. The night i peeped your midnight unclad photo on twitter, i had wanted to know you the more.. Realising you are also a writer even fueled it.
    On studying though, i let myself read across this phones and screens, and to say i was right about something after this post is a high predictability.
    On couple of things we have in common would set us aflame and glittering, but we are humans, and definitely, we do fear.
    Nevertheless, i wish for us one day and devouring these urges won’t be shunned.

  3. Wow!! Nice one dear. U are fantastic. You did wonderfully well dear keep up. Greater ones are coming ur way. Stay bless.

  4. Nice write up…
    First thing that popped in my head was who’s Debola? (His opinion sure counts)
    You have a cat, I would rather stick to dogs… cats r too freaky for my likening..
    let’s see a scary movie sometime lol…
    all in all, you’re cool like that…
    A new fan, LD
    Saw u in person for the first time yesterday, asked about u and heard u were a weirdo.. thus, the first attraction…

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