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Sorry this is coming so late. I’ve not been feeling up to it. But I’m back now, and I’m ready to serve you hot stuff for the next week and more.

Enid Bagnold said, “Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.”

I hope you can appreciate how these two amazing poets created such lovely flowers from their cactus. Enjoy.

Mr. JLost in Eden


Chirping of the birds.

Where there is peace abundant but mystery aloof.

I have stumbled upon you.

Eyes that say to me. Come. Stay. Love.


Where the earth cradles the stars but lose the light.

I have been enchanted by your touch.

With lips that kiss softly. And eyes that say. Come. Stay. Hold me.


Where silence is itself a sound and angels harmonise creation.

I am a passenger in this ride through paradise.

Nestled in your bosom. Staring into eyes that say. Here. Kiss. Touch.


Flowing springs. Splashing against the rocks.

You take off what’s left of your innocence.


I lose what’s left of my fears and doubt and take a dip in your waters.

And lose myself in Eden.


Eku Williams : Untitled

At Hdrothingard, God Cast Elbran from his sight. He was disgusted at the sight of him and displeased with his actions.

“Away from me”

God had said.

Elbran had Stood Silently, facing the gates of Hdrothingard as his sentence rang out from its corners.

He was in commune with himself. He was peaceful.

The Eerily white sparkly room had comprised a solemn file of thousands of angels, with their flawless features who had Stood behind him with hands clasped in front of their hearts.
In terrible silence.

One amongst the silent mass, had been wringing his hands in a subtle torment.
A torment known to Elbran, only.
He battled with the wretched curse of a conscience.

Not a trait of Angels.

“What say you?”

God had asked.

Elbran had slowly turned around and faced his maker. He had looked past the crowd of disapproving faces.

He had Sought one face… One face only. He had looked directly at Aragel.

His beloved Aragel.
Scared Aragel.

There was fear in his eyes. There was terror in his heart. Under his hair, Elbran had seen the sweet line of a sweat as it glistened on his temple. He had a heart… A beating heart, and a pulse.

Not a trait of angels.

His heart Slammed against his Rib cage and the rapid thud, slowly built hope In the chest of Elbran.

Elbran had been satisfied. He had smiled at the crowd and turned again to face the gates.
His act was met by an outbreak of muttering. The slow rise of their whispers washed over his soul. They made him peaceful. They made him ready.

“You tried to create an enemy against our Lord.”

Someone shouted from the crowd.

“You created a new creature to fill the earth”

Another yelled.

“Begone from the sanctity of our Lord, Elbran.”

Rasped another.

Their words were spewed out in anger.

But shrouded in disbelief, carried on the wings of fear.

Yet, they all quieted down and quelled before the sight of the Almighty.

“What are these humans, you created to fill My lands and learn our ways? ”

God had asked.

“is that true?”

Someone had whispered. Terrifyingly.
His whisper cracked weight of his fright.

And Elbran has smiled, he had looked past the gates into the looming dark of horror below. It was enough to scare anyone. But Far below, he saw earth.

He then Mustered the greatest Of strengths he could in his weak state. He let it rise from his hope, unto his voice… His power came tumbling forth as he rent out a powerful whisper.

“I stand alone this day, as I always have and always will. I am Elbran and today, I curse Hdrothingard.”

And so Elbran became God’s outcast. He was taken away and confined at Mount Llme.
The prison of the tormented, the fallen and the lost souls. But he was alone.
A being, lost, tormented and fallen.

Yet, he watched. He kept on looking and he had hope.

For right above Hdrothingard. In the midst of the Angels.
There was Man.

Cleft by him.


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