Happy New Month!
I know I’ve been away a long time.
Sorry, mama’s been busy. And I don’t have a phone so.. 🙁

I have three things for you guys today: an advice, a poem and good news.

First, the good news.. I’m hard at work on my anthology. It’s going to include poems about love, heartbreak, sex, the munchies, self-harm and mental health. I don’t even know what I’m going to call it yet. Maybe “Gypsy Heart”, “I Can’t Escape My Mind”, “Bloody Scripts”, only God knows..

Second, I want to share an excerpt from one of the poems I wrote for the anthology. I hope you like it:

Raven naked gods we were;
Before our wings got illuminated by sacred sin.

We are now tawny earthen beings
Erupted from our fluxive forms,
Wearing only the skins
Of sickly gruiformes.

-SmalleeWrites ✍

Lastly, I have just one advice for you all: Empty ALL the garbage every night before bed. Both figuratively and literally.




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