Welcome to the month of March in which only the best ones are born. I would know because I’m one of the best. 

My birthday is on the 12th and I don’t think I’ll celebrate it with any party.. I’d rather write, you see. Therefore, for the next 11 days, I’ll be posting my daily rants for you to enjoy- just a little peek into what goes on in my head. Don’t laugh, ok? It’s serious business. Good. Oh, and if I write any poem, I’d be sure to share it with you

Some or most of my “ramblings” will be uncoordinated,  meaningless and incomplete. Sorry but sometimes my thoughts are faster than my fingers as they race on my keyboard. 

Well.. Here’s the first one. Enjoy!
I sat next to an old man in an Ibadan Micra cab going to Ojoo and I thought, “The only thing that truly makes me think and act like I am better than him is our ages. Time. And the decisions I make from now on will take me a step closer to or farther away from my intentions to be better than him.” 

What does this have to do with Big Brother, you ask? I’m getting to it.. 

Life is one big Big Brother. We’re all contestants. We get to choose which contestants we interact with and how we interact with them. Every wise interaction is rewarded with a move towards or away from our final destinations. This reality show is a big showcase of prayers, hopes and wishes. 

For instance, I was praying that the bus going to Lagos from Ojoo would move early so I wouldn’t miss my appointment with my mum and the character next to me was probably praying that her three little girls would just sit their butts down and stop making such a fuss or that she was rich enough to pick them up and take them wherever they wanted in her own car. 

And aren’t we all hoping and praying that we make Heaven on Judgement Day. What is Judgement Day? And what is Heaven, really? In my opinion, Heaven and hell are only sentences to an eternity of where and what we are when we die. And Judgement Day is the final live show where all the contestants remaining on earth are gathered and, well, judged. What I’m not sure of is whether or not there is an audience watching us. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? They’d have such a good laugh thinking about how messed up my life is. Lol. 

Every day in this big reality show, we’re given hard decisions to make and they are disguised as small things. Every contestant is a distraction to the next and the only thing that makes any difference at the end is whether or not we face our journeys despite the distractions. 

Worry, jealousy, envy, love, hatred, pity. These are all distractions and what better to do than to choose wisely the ones we allow? 

Letting an able bodied beggar, friends and other people cheat you out of holding on to as much money as you can at the end of the day with all their pleas for sympathy will only take you out of the game at the wrong stop. We must strive to face our journeys squarely and allow for minimal distractions as they are inevitable.

When you give yourself to love, you allow the other contestant to affect your decisions and this can either make or mar you at the final show. 

THE END. Maybe.

I don’t know why my mind these days operates like a movie script. Today I couldn’t shake the thoughts of myself as a cartoon character. I was tempted to act out as much as I could afford to without letting the next person suspect. I also couldn’t stop thinking about which character in which movie I would be. 

Yeah.. What about you? Is there any character in any movie that almost completely portrays who you are in real life? Which one do you wish it was? 

As for me, I would be the character that has to be in class by 8am and still hasn’t picked an outfit or arranged her bag by midnight. 

Bye now. 

Ecris-moi bientot,

Tres amicalement,


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  1. LOVEEEEEE!! The post. Awesome round about concept. Lemme tell you another Big Brother though; Mark Zuck! He’s finna own all of cyberspace.

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