What is life to you if it’s not a bed of roses?
Is it the attempts at kisses that end at bumping of noses?
The dark days you weren’t warned about by the sages?
Or the rivulets of trouble that I trail onto these pages?

SmalleeWrites ✍️


I am back and so very grateful for all the likes and comments on my blog. Thanks especially for over 100 followers and almost 4,000 views. You all have been awesome and you have made this journey worthwhile. Tbh, I don’t think I’d have been posting anything at all these past few months that I’ve been down, if it weren’t for you guys. It wouldn’t have mattered that SmalleeWrites is my baby. I just wouldn’t have cared if you weren’t all there to read and support my stuff.

To commemorate the followers and the views, I’d like you guys to choose a topic for my next post; preferably something sexy in the spirit of Valentine. You know how much I like those kinda posts.

I’m torn between showing you guys my bucket list and the things that I have crossed off it, posting something that’d help people spice things up for their partners this Valentine; and just posting both of these.

So I need you guys to help me decide in the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by. If this is your first time visiting this blog, please come back. And tell a friend to tell a friend to visit. Also, don’t forget to follow, like and comment. Thanks ❤





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