​In my divinity, 

I give life to the lust in your veins 

And then strangle you

With fingers dipped 

In the tears of the ones before you

You are on your knees craving requital

But I bathe you with drought

-SmalleeWrites ✍️

Hi there, 

Day 10. Almost didn’t post again today but these daily posts keep me going. I have you all to thank for that. And I especially want to thank Caleb for the line art. You’re the best, C. 

Well, I’m getting there gradually. Even though I’m still weak and my skin feels numb, I’m eating again, making people laugh again, making my mum smile again. And her smile is what I live for. Brightens up my day every single time. I’m glad I’m making her happy just by being alive. 

She understands me better now and once again, I believe it just might be ok at the end of the day. 

Lastly, this might be the last poem in this series (I might make it 12 poems in all). And I just wanted to say thank you to all those that read every single one of the poems. And to those that didn’t, thank you too. You’re all blessed. 

Have a very lovely night rest y’all. 

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