It fits me perfectly, this darkness; 

Fills me inside and out and never slips out of place.

One day I might lose my mind and finally feel beautiful,

But I know that a red soiled reality awaits me when I descend from that fool’s flight.

To me, falling down always feels better than standing up

But I only remember being strong;

Pretending that the weight of living isn’t crushing me

And I’m not dangling from death’s grip in hidden sight.

From under my cover cloth of darkness, 

I view life in neither black nor white; 

But the darkest gray obscured by salty tears

And it’s getting easier to let go with all my might. 

-SmalleeWrites ✍️

Hey there,

Tired. Numb. I almost didn’t post anything today. That’s how uninterested I am. I’m not sure how exactly I’m feeling right now but I know that the fog is lifting. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

I named my diary Ruth by the way. Because, just like the person, it’s helping me out of a very dark place and I know I can tell it (her?) anything.

I can’t type much anyways so errrrr, enjoy.

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