Write me a song            

With lyrics that you dug out

From deep within

The well of your heart.


Write me a song

Of tales from the days

When we were old;

With cold hands and warm hearts,

Thinking of a life beyond full of gold. 

Write me a song

Of the laughter lines on our faces

And don’t be afraid                             

To let your feelings seep through,

This song that many will not sing.  


Write me a song

Use words that you were

Never able to express;

The complete truth,

Never to be used against you.


Write me a song

Tell a tale of brown leaves and blue skies-

The things that we admired together;

A tale of funerals and family ties-              

The things that held us together. 


Write me a song

About the beauty on which

The soul of my feet

Stepped before it sored.


Write me a song

On a platter                                  

Using your blood and bits of your longing-

The things

That matter.


Write me a song

On the day that I bid you farewell,

My lover,

Of the world that chose us.

                                    -SmalleeWrites ✍

Hi guys, 

This is the second poem in the Untitled series, if you could call it that. I’m still very tired and uninterested in a lot of things and it feels like there’s an earthquake brewing inside me but I’m holding on. My health might be deteriorating slowly but I want to have something to my name just in case the worst happens. So I hope you enjoy this.

I’m not saying that I’ll not try. I will. I’ll hold on for as long as I can. For Ruth. For you guys. For love. For my family. For the few friends that I have. In fact, I finally got up and cleaned my room after about four days. 

Some of you might be wondering if my parents know and why they’re not worried;  why I’ve not gone home to them to take care of me.. But this is my battle. Mine. And I’ll fight it on my own. Even if it means lying to my mum that I’m fine. 

I don’t mean to bore you guys but this is the best way I know how to keep myself here; alive and living. 

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  1. What wrong with your health? Sorry, haven’t seen where it was mentioned earlier.Can you handle whatever it is on your own without your parents knowing… Four days is a long time to be ill and that’s worrying

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