I give life to the lust in your veins  And then strangle you
A coordinated clash and connection of flesh and heat- Hard and soft.
The deafening silence of loneliness erupts After the door slams shut. 
Puffy and red, Like her skin all those nights in my bed
Stains my mind  Like crimson footsteps across angelic snow.
As nostalgia caressed you with a formless pain And regret- Tales from when you lost yourself to guilt.
Left behind all alone in this debris, Wedged between walls of very thick ice, I pray that someone hears me, Friend, foe, or even Jesus Christ.
From under my cover cloth of darkness,  I view life in neither black nor white;  But the darkest gray obscured by salty tears
Tell a tale of brown leaves and blue skies-          The things that we admired together;               A tale of funerals and family ties-                  The things that held us together. 
I crave those lambent strokes of my tongue against your skin  And that inexplicable thing  you do that breaks my consciousness into pieces- Scattered into an unfinished puzzle