At around 5:00 pm today, I figured there’s no better way to revive my blog since I’ve not been able to write; than to start a trend. I have no idea how far it will go or if it’s not already a thing but it couldn’t hurt to try. So here goes..

  • Introduce the “game” and explain how it’s done.
  • Pick a song that would mirror your feelings with albeit with slightly different lyrics.
  • Fix it to suit your feelings.
  • Post it on your blog with the title, “If I Were *Artist’s Name.”
  • Tag other bloggers.


  • Pick lines from different songs (Indicate which songs they’re from if you have time. Or better still, leave us to guess) that match your feelings
  • Fuse them into a song.
  • Post it on your blog with the title “If I Were An Artist…”
  • Tag other bloggers.

       Feel free to use any featured image you want. If you have any suggestions on how to make this more fun for all of us, please indicate in the comments section. Also, I’d appreciate if you could indicate your preference too. Aaaaaand I would be putting up my own version of the both of these “games” as soon as I get your response… Till then, enjoy! 

      Thanks for stopping by. If this is your first time visiting this blog, please come back. And tell a friend to tell a friend to visit. Also, don’t forget to follow, like and comment. Thanks ❤


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