We all have those poems we deem not good enough for our blogs; here are some of mine. Take note that most if not all of them were written when I was under some kinda influence so they might not even make much sense.. Anyhoo, enjoy..


I want to write a poem.


It has to be good.

Lemme pick up that bottle of jacks that I just cracked.


Here one second and gone the next,

The words are like fleeting love and one night stands.


My brain feels fried.

It can do no more.

Creativity has been trapped, isolated in a room without a door.



Let’s ride on this feeling that only lasts the night,

The best way to love,” I tell myself

Is to leave the other without this horrid ache“.

So you don’t even have to linger

Or leave anything behind

Because things that last have the power to break.


I won’t carve your names into trees

Or sing it to the birds

But I will hold my breath,

And I won’t feel

As you bury your shallow love inside me.



I would normally write a poem

But the music is too loud

And I can’t stop moving

As the beat’s pounding (paneling) all over my body.


Maybe I’m running mad right now

Because this is a poem

Or is it?

I don’t know.

Everything feels sane when Mary’s around.



Under blue skies,

Traffic lights

And accompanied by shrieking insects at night,

A shadow beneath the tall trees

Holds on to the rays of light coming from lit bulbs in houses far away.




Shards of her broken heart pierce her being

But she keeps them all in her pocket

When she’s about to get home from her walk.




She remembers that these things won’t always appeal to her

And the songs in her head deafen her

To the voices in her neighbors’ minds

And the questions fade into the music

Just as she gets home.



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  1. Whenever your brain feels fried and It can do no more, just post an inspiring poem in the “Unwritten column” to buy yourself some time to come up with the best poems like you always do… I thought that was the whole of idea of including the unwritten column on your page. use it. Dont place yourself under any sought of pressure, its your show, run it… Keep up the good work

  2. What i’m trying to say is while you going through writer’s block like you say you are you might just post a copied poem or interesting story in the unwritten column for us to enjoy.. May God continue to inspire you

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