Inspired by Amazing Moyo… 
We all have those poems we deem not good enough for our blogs; here are some of mine. Take note that most if not all of them were written when I was under some kinda influence so they might not even make much sense.. Anyhoo, enjoy..


Listen to the jingle of the bangles

On my wrist,

Taste the sweet tang of the passion

In my stream.

Ride away on the horse of affection

On my tarred heart,

Repair the creaks in the floor

Of my soul

As the smoke of our love

Oozes out of our pores



Calling me away from the beauty of life

Is the aroma emitting from the gates of hell

As the cruelty of the world seeps through

On its way to the pollute the Garden of Eden.



Your tongue travels along my sensitive parts

Leaving a trail of seduction 

And liquid destruction in its wake



As I hunger for the colors that the stick rolls in,

I set fire to my worries,

Laid down on the earth

And I was plunged into the sea of my dreams.


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