I’m experiencing a severe case of writer’s block and coupled with all the things that I am dealing with in my life right now, it’s making me feel very unworthy…. I finally wrote something yesterday but I still feel like I tried too hard to let my emotions shine through it. I hope you all enjoy it though.

It’s dark again;

There are no familiar faces in my mind-

Only these demons that plague my kind

And I find it hard to voice out what causes me pain.

No matter how hard I try to still my traitorous thoughts

I’m worn out from what looks to strangers like self inflicted cuts

And only I feel the pain go right through me- water in a drain.

I want to fall in love and go to bright places

But I end up going nowhere at the end of these daily races

And I am on this earth, nothing more than a stain.

All around me are glasses filled with my tears

I bow my head, drown in the feeling of being less

And I let it take me towards the path where destruction lain.

I’m running in circles in my head, going crazy

My memories of happiness are hazy

And I feel these demons pull furiously at my sanity- a broken chain.

The glasses will remain full as I cry and writhe

I’m feeling a pain that it feels like nothing can soothe

And I hope someone saves me from this feeling of disdain

Because it’s dark again…

And my thoughts are flooded by the mess that was created by Eden…

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  1. I know what it feels like to be in a dark place. It will pass. You will find the light and your writer’s block will go away. Trust me! I feel like I wanna get to know you personally. Mind if we hook up on WhatsApp?

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