His venomous words infiltrated my soul

And sent my self esteem crashing

I used to hear voices

But those voices died with us

I used to stare into the fire and admire it

But even the ashes of our love had been swept away

Because I couldn’t face the burning heat. 


So when loneliness came and all my friends were away,

I got the short end of the stick

With none to blame but myself

For letting him get to me.


Blinded by love, I failed to see

How much he took from me

And what little he gave back

Battered me and tore me up.


My heart no longer beats

At a pace unknown to man

When I hear his name

Or am assaulted by thoughts of what used to be

A blazing fire in the dark

On which the sun has now risen



Not my best poems but my thoughts are all over the place right now… I hope you like it though.


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