Poem one: 

Tick tock

I can’t control the clock;

So light up the way for me,

I’m scared of the dark.

It’s a demon lurking

Like a wounded work of art

With a chaotic beauty-

Beautiful but torn,

Camouflaged by insecurities,

And barely noticed at all.

Poem two:
In the dark,

With nothing as my shield,

My thoughts fight against me.

I killed myself today

As I tend to do every other day

A mindless puppet I have become

With these clipped wings that I adorn;

The mask I wore to disguise the pain

Has slipped away

And there’s nobody to save me as I lay

Here where my heart’s full of death.

I’m drowning alone in this pool of darkness

@julielolu called out to poets on IG to start a series; a poem a day or as we please. I don’t know what made me title my series “Nyctophobia” which means the fear of the dark.. Anyways, these are the poems I have written so far. Any poet that is interested in starting a series of their own should follow @julielolu on IG and tag her in their posts, she promised to write back.

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