51. I’m a Muslim.
52. I love black and white pictures
53. I looove PDA
54. I dunno how true it is but one of my friends tagged me a natural flirt.
55. I shave my legs regularly.
56. Of course, that means I also shave other parts regularly.
57. I use baby wipes for other reasons apart from cleaning make up.
58. I always paint my nails black.
59. I unconsciously squat when I greet my parents over the phone.
60. Another one of my friends tagged me lowkey a succubus.
61. I can’t go one day without listening to Alessia Cara’s songs.
62. I think Hozier is a wonderful poet. He’s just demonic! 🙌
63. Did I mention that I like my butts?
64. According to a new acquaintance, I am flamboyantly and irreverently expressive.
65. I want to be able to play video games with my future husband (if I get married).
66. I’m not scared of commitment. I’m more scared of wasting my time.
67. I think my favorite place to be is in bed with a romance novel.
68. Oh yeah, I wear prescribed glasses.
69. Some years ago, I used to wear clothes with their tags on.
70. My last phone call lasted 22 seconds.
71. I have a sorta compulsion to correct people’s mistakes.
72. Am I ticklish? Psh. No. 😂 Yeahhhhh…
73. The sole of my feet and the roof of the cave of my mouth are very sensitive, they tingle.
74. I always get approached by people who know me but I can’t remember them for the life of me.
75. I laugh when I hear any astounded rumours about myself.
76. I don’t have a “type”.
77. I hate being number 2.
78. I won’t voice out my feelings for a guy unless I know they’re mutual.
79. I feel lucky that I have been loved.
80. People who make me laugh fascinate me. Especially when its a sarcastic or caustic remark that does it.
81. I love to read. Especially when its cold and raining and I’m inside.
82. I like music with sad lyrics.
83.  I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (even though I’m probably already grown up, ignore that, hah). My only goal is to make myself proud and be happy.
84. I can’t ride a bike.
85. I sneeze in 3’s.
86. Sometimes I remember something and start laughing alone. I’m weird.
87. I don’t weigh up to 45 kg. And no I don’t starve myself.
88. I get bored really easily, that’s why I’m always on the hunt for the next interesting thing to spark my curiosity.
89. Although I have a lot of acquaintances and I’m very sociable, I keep my circle of friends very small. But they’re the real deal . Loyalty is major for me.
90. I’m very playful with people I’m close with. Fooling around is my talent.
91. I always overthink stuff I make (example: blog posts) and just abandon them half way because I don’t think they are good enough.
92. I have always been short for my age.
93. I don’t wear any clothes when I’m in my room.
94. I’m a very fast typist, but I’m not sure if that’s very impressive in this day and age.
95. When I run really fast I can’t stop the farts – Don’t lie, who else is with me on this one?
96. I often find myself daydreaming, sometimes I even hold conversations in my head with people I know I’ll be seeing that day (especially if I have a crush on them).
97. If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to slow down and stop rushing through life. I was in such a hurry to grow up as a teen, now all of a sudden I’m here and I’m wondering where all those years have gone.
98. I kissed a girl and I liked it *in Katy Perry’s voice* Lol
99. I understand everyone makes mistakes, but repeated bad grammar irks me terribly.
100. I’ve never fainted before but I secretly want to.

Phew! That was harder than I thought! Be honest, at which point did you stop reading? Lol.
I’d love to get to know you guys a bit better too, so if you have done a 100 random facts post then please leave a link below and I’ll be sure to check it out! And here’s an open tag for any blogger that will be interested in putting up a similar post. Even if you don’t want to put up a post, I would seriously love to hear one random fact about you in the comments below!
Thanks so much for reading guys!

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24 Responses

  1. smaller.. one weird personality I have known since 100level. a random fact about me too, I have next fainted but I secretly wish to and a also scared of it…

    • 1. I used to be obsessed with big butt and flat stomach I worked out everyday.
      Still don’t have any butt BTW.
      2. I used to be a hopeless romantic.
      3. I am obsessed with long nails and nail polish.
      4. I love my younger ones alot, they are my happy place (23 & 17).
      5. I wish my mum is a fashionista*don’t judge me* she is still a bomb mother!
      6. I don’t get along with my dad but I am trying to make it work.
      7. I love full eye brows.
      8. Was on natural hair for 2 years then I got bored.
      9. When I went natural I didn’t know it was the “in thing”, I just wanted to grow a longer and healthy hair.
      10. I have a wordpress account but I can’t seem to bring myself to talk about myself or anything on it.
      11. I love spicy food.
      12. I don’t like yam.
      13. I am not good with numbers.
      14. I battled timidity and low self esteem for a long time, am still learning *long boring story*
      15. I’m seriously considering going to fashion school.
      16. I wish I took my studies a bit more seriously. Not too late though but you know!
      17. I don’t go shopping for clothes until I have a fat account, not good I know!!! I do impulse buying for jewrlery, make up and nail polish but never for clothes.
      18. I used to want to be a hair and face model.
      19. My first relationship lasted one week… (We were kids)
      20. I wanna have a kid or two max.
      21. I feel one has to be really boxed up to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger (pls save me from this mentality)
      22. At some point in my life, I couldn’t complete a sentence without including pidgin ( I secretly used to be embarrassed by this, one of the rub offs of dating a Benin guy I guess)
      23. Was born in the nineties
      24. I think Enrique Igesias is hot!!!
      25. I recently realized that not all growth is good.
      26. I have traveled to only 10 states in Nigeria.
      27. I have never travelled by plane before, each time I see one in the sky, especially at night, I always wish my first time in one will be me leaving the country.
      28. I enjoy watching KUWTK.
      29. I have failed a bank test before.
      30. I love love love Jollof rice!
      31. I can be spontaneous.
      32. I live with my heart on my sleeve, like an open book, you can read me.
      33. I had an interesting crush on Harvey Specter of SUITS in the first season.
      34. My favorite TV series is How To Get Away With Murder.
      35. I have been to only one fashion show in my life.
      36. I hardly grasp lyrics of songs.
      37. I have over three thousand beautiful pictures on my phone but less than 1% are pictures of me.
      38. I love to have funny people around, if you funny, I like you automatically.
      39. I became anti-religion at some point in my life.
      40. I love soups and smoothies.
      41. All my ex boyfriends are born in the month of May ( not intentional).
      42. I will not date you if you are born in the month of May lol!
      43. I am taking audit courses on Coursera (you should too) its enlightening.
      44. I know what heart break feels like (not good at all)
      45. I know what bliss feels like (pure bliss)
      46. I believe Fantasy is looking at life through the wrong side of a lens.
      47. I don’t enjoy chocolate bars, I prefer cholocate cookies.
      48. I don’t believe in soulmates but I believe in Karma.
      49. I love the colors green and white.
      50. I don’t think Smallee and I will get along well in real life lol so thank God for social media “winks*

  2. I would call you soul sister rn, but I can’t really remember half of the similarities I just read 😂😂😭😭, but Hozierrrrrrr!!!!!! And the fainting thing and five million others I just read, hey soul sisterrrr.

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