Dear “the boy next door”,

It hurts me
That I cant stay mad at you
As you intertwine your fingers with mine
And squeeze all the way to my heart

It confuses me
How I could come to like you so much so soon
And when you bless me with your dimpled smile,
You take away parts of my heart with you.

It infuriates me
That I am breaking my promise to my heart
And I am giving it out
To someone that doesn’t want it.

It scares me
How much I am starting to need you
And you’re slowly leaving your trademark on my heart-
A bruise.

Dear “the boy next door”,
In writing this I hope to expunge myself of these feelings that have been causing so much heartache for me. I hope you don’t see this though…


As a girl, being friends with a guy is a risky affair. You expose yourself to the possibility that you will develop feelings for him and become vulnerable to his charms. Worst still is the possibility that he’ll not return these feelings and you’ll lose his friendship because of them; or you’ll give in to them and let yourself be used by your so-called friend. In any case, seeing him with other girls will hurt whether you choose to admit it or not. When he’s smiling at them and doing things to them in public that he does to you in private, it will hurt. Because you know that they don’t know his horrible habits despite which you still like him and which they may not be able to tolerate. When you realize that you’re just another girl on his list, it’ll hurt. If you have fallen into this, please forget the past and move on. If you remain friends with him, it’s fine. If your friendship can’t be salvaged, it’s also fine. I just hope a little space and distance will help because I wouldn’t wish unrequited feelings on my worst enemy.
Sorry if this makes no sense… These things never do.

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