Here’s the poem I promised y’all. The X declared it too brutal but I’m not a guy so I’m sorry if I dunno what goes on in your heads. Enjoy!

Hard as a sledgehammer,
My cock almost detached itself from my body
And I felt the throbbing in the core of my soul.
The heat intensified
And the hardness rubbed raw right against the front of my pants;
The friction causing a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Pink pale flesh
Hiding a cave filled with the freshest flowing waters
Was all I could think of.
But I knew that if you let me in,
My frantic movements would acquire a roughness
That would betray my fraying control.

I clutched myself hard to keep from ramming into you,
Breaking through your barrier
And securing your wet grip on my cock.
I couldn’t wait to feel your insides clenching together
As I filled you with every hard inch of myself
And you got lost in sexual abandon.

But I knew that your innocence could not take me
And my savage thrusts would just tear you apart
I wasn’t ready to see those inevitable streaks of crimson red running down your thighs.
So as I stroke my hard length,
I could not shake the scent of wild poppies
That you always stick in your hair.

A torrent of unadulterated pleasure slammed into me
As I imagined the perfect mound
That lays between your silky smooth thighs
And like the rope in a tug of war, I couldn’t wait to be caught in the middle of your thighs;
To kiss you in love and worship
As you lay there and soaked the both of us.

Images of me hammering my tumultuous emotions
Away into you with every thrust
Flashed in my subconscious.
I navigated and explored your body
And made you hold your breath
In anticipation of your burst of sweet sensations.

I imagined myself pounding into you like a jackhammer
And plunging into your coven.
Turbulent, passionate emotions coursed through our bodies
As we desecrated mother nature’s prayer ground
And our orgasms descended on us like a sexual storm of catastrophic proportions.
You gasped as I took you to heaven;
And sighed as you crashed back to earth in an unceremonious thump.

My love for you has made me jealous
And I want you;
Your sweet smile, your crooked molar
Your dimple, your seductive glances
Your daring taunts, your good-natured jeers.
Sealed with a ring on your finger and my last name on your dotted lines.


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