My heart no longer beats At a pace unknown to man When I hear his name
Your scent engulfs me- The smell of man and spice And I'm blinded by Memories of our flesh bathed in soothing light...
We made love in the dark  To hide all the things that we lack  Our wings were torn from our skins  As our garments came apart at the seams 
But you going down on your knees Yet another problematic boyfriend.
"The sound of a broken heart Is a victorious drumbeat to you"
51. I’m a Muslim. 52. I love black and white pictures 53. I looove PDA 54. […]
1. I love cats. 2. I love to cuddle. 3. I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness […]
Hi readers! I got nominated by Dammy of for the Bloggers Recognition Award and you bet I'm grateful.
Dear "the boy next door", In writing this I hope to expunge myself of these feelings that have been causing so much heartache for me.